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Fishing Holidays in Thailand have never been so affordable. The Kingdom of Siam now boasts more fish species to the budding angler than anywhere else in the world. We supply the best equipment and guides to give you a fishing holiday in Thailand to remember. The Lake is situated in Ratchaburi Thailand, half way between Bangkok and Hua Hin, and has been around for over 25 years and averages around 3-5 metres in depth. A lot of the big inhabitants, like Arapaima, Chao Phraya Catfish, Redtal Catfishl and Mekong Catfish  have been here since its inception. We currently have more than 35 species that exceed the current IGFA all tackle records.So for your dream fish book your guided fishing adventure holidays in Thailand at Palm Tree Lagoon fishing for Arapaima, redtail catfish, Siamese carp fishing, Mekong catfish fishing, chao phraya, pacu, giant freshwater stingray, wallago attu and leeri and many more...

Although only a small lake of around 3 acres it holds specimen fish of many species, including arapaima to 226kg, chao phraya catfish to 96kg, mekong catfish to 137kg, stingray to 100kg+, amazon redtail catfish to 51kg, thai redtail catfish to 32kg, wallago leeri to 65kg, wallago attu to 27kg, goonch to 33kg, pacu to 23kg and many carp species including siamese carp to 78kg+, catla carp to 32kg+, juliens golden price carp to 22kg, mrigal to 9kg+, and rohu to 18kg+. The lake is stocked with 100+ species of fish both predatory and non predatory, with most of the species originating predominately from Thailand, India, China and South America. The lake is open to fishing from 08:00am to 08:00pm all the year round. Friendly guides are available to give advice on angling techniques and help with the netting and photographing of your catches.

Arapaima Fishing and other Predator Species Fishing:

The predatory species at Palm Tree Lagoon mainly fall into two categories Amazon (pictured above) and Thai (pictured right). The Amazon predators include  ArapaimaRedtail CatfishBarred SorubimRedtail Tiger CatfishLau Lau, Firewood Catfish, Pacu and Tambaqui. The Thai predators include Chao Phraya CatfishThai Redtail Catfish, Wallago Leeri and AttuFreshwater Stingray, several species of featherback and snakehead. In addition to these the lake is also stocked with Alligator GarBlack Gar and Barramundi. The big arapaima are almost exclusively caught on chicken as with the bigger Gar. The rest of the predators also respond well to chicken as well as both live and dead baits (batu).

Siamese Carp Fishing & Other Non-Predatory Species Fishing:

The carp species like Giant Siamese CarpCatlaCarp, RohuBlack CarpJuliens Golden PriceCarp and Mrigal, and non-predatory catfish species like the Giant Mekong are mainly caught on lum or bread. Some species which are supposed to be predatory like Chao Phraya, Tambaqui, Redtail, Redtail Tiger and Pacu can get caught on absolutely anything. One thing you will notice for sure is that when fishing in Thailand the power of all the warm water species present in the lake puts their cold water cousins in Europe to shame and that together with the size of many of the fish (with 8 species to date having been caught over the 100lb mark) making angling in Thailand a truly unforgettable experience.

Numerous Other Species.

There are also many other smaller species and more unusual species also to be caught. Such as the lesser known carp species like small scale mud carp and soldier river barb. Some of the more exotic catfish species include firewood catfish and marble catfish as well as the rare regional species from the Burmese border like.Salween catfish and Salween rita. There are also a few more unusual Thai species like the fire eel and the goonch catfish.Then there are also some African species like the African walking catfish, African arawana and giraffe catfish. There are also a lot of other predatory species like barramundi from Australia and yellowcheek carp from China.


Fishing Bait & Tackle

A reasonable amount of Fishing Bait is supplied as part of the day ticket fee. Additional bait can be purchased if required. You are not allowed to bring your own bait to the venue.

Fishing tackle is included in the ticket, which comprises of uptide rods fitted with Shimano Stella 10000 for predators and 6000 for carp.


Fishing Tackle

For anglers wanting to use their own tackle you are welcome to, but we will check it for suitability; as UK style carp tackle is totally under powered for fishing in Thailand regardless of whether you want to fish for predatory fish such as arapaima, chao phraya, redtail catfish, or one of the many non-predatory catfish or carp species.



Palm Tree Lagoon Restaurant.

The restaurant is licensed and open every day from 08:00am to 10:00pm. The restaurant serves up a mixed menu of traditional Thai cuisine such as Tom Yum, Green Curry, Papaya Salad, Thai Puff, as well as Isaan Lab and Western food such as spaghetti dishes and pepper steak. It is situated overlooking the lake and surrounds the stock pond where many varieties of fish are grown prior to their release into the main lake.

Fish Species & Gallery Pages

For a better idea of what can be caught when fishing in Palm Tree Lagoon Thailand check out the photos in the fish species and gallery pages.


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Palm Tree Lagoon in conjunction with legendary Thai fishing guide Mr Ay are now offering is addition to guided carp fishing to Khao Laem Dam located in Kanchanaburi province, snakehead and wallago packages as well. Khao Laem Dam is a huge expanse of water over 60km long and 25km wide at its widest point. The carp fishing area is located in a wilderness area of unparalleled natural beauty amidst the hundreds of island situated at the northern end of the dam against a picturesque mountainous backdrop.

Scenic Khao Laem DamMy AyScenic Khao Laem Dam
Rohu Khao Laem DamFishing Khao Laem DamBlack Carp Khao Laem Dam
Giant Snakehead Khao Laem DamRohu Khao Laem DamGiant Snakehead Khao Laem Dam
Wallago Khao Laem DamJungle Perch Khao Laem DamWallago Khao Laem Dam
Mr Ay has lived on the water for the past 29 years and is expertise at locating feeding shoals of Rohu (Indian Carp) and Black Carp (Black Shark Minnow) is surpassed by none. The carp fishing itself is performed from purpose built Carp Fishing Rafts which are secured over areas where carp have been observed jumping are are prebaited for 10 days prior to fishing. Top water lure fishing for snakehead and jungle perch is also available, as well as seasonal wallago (Great White Sheatfish). For more information see Fishing Khao Laem Dam and for pricing and itineraries see Fishing Rates Khao Laem. Obviously the main species we are targeting when carp fishing are the rohu (Indian Carp) and the black carp (black shark minnow). But other species do come along and often get caught including mrigal, yellow catfish, java barb and tilapia.
Scenic Khao Laem DamMrigal Khao Laem DamFishing Khao Laem Dam
Java Barb Khao Laem DamYellow Catfish Khao Laem DamTilapia Khao Laem Dam
You have a choice of accommodation, camping on the carp raft for the adventurous or staying in the nearby guest house for those who enjoy their creature comforts.
Fishing Khao Laem DamGuest House Khao Laem DamGuest House Khao Laem Dam



We also provide guiding services to catch the Giant Freshwater Stingray in the Mae Klong River than runs through Ratchaburi only a few minutes away from Palm Tree Lagoon. The stingray team consists of seven highly experienced members in three boats who will do their utmost to ensure you have the best chance of catching a stingray.
Saart Team LeaderPat Head BoatmanNui Trip Organiser
Saart is the team leader and makes the call on what part of the river is fished at varying times of the day and state of the tide.Paat is the driver on the main boat the one from which you will fight the stingray from, and is expert at placing the boat in the strong current.Nui is the English speaking guide on hand. Either Nui or Benny will be in charge of coordinating and organising your day
Heaving Up A Giant StingrayFight Almost OverSafely In The Net
Stingray of 400lb+ are commonplace with occasionally specimens reaching 600lb+. The bigger ones usually take 2-3 hours to be brought to the net. The fish is then taken to the river bank for photos and then carefully released.
Fish on for the legendThe battle finally comes to an endJohn with his biggest ever fish at 420lb
The legendary John Wilson also came out with us to experience fishing for Thailand Giant Freshwater Stingray and was not disappointed landing his biggest ever fish of any species a stingray of 420lb.


Palm Tree Lagoon have teamed up with the legendary John Wilson and his brother Dave who has 12 years fishing experience in Thailand to put together a road trip package that encompasses three awesome fishing venues, namely Palm Tree Lagoon, John Wilson's private lake in Chumphon and fishing for Giant Freshwater Stingray on the Mae Klong River

The standard package consists of 3 days fishing at Palm Tree Lagoon, 3 days fishing on John Wilson's Lake, and 1 day Giant Freshwater Stingray fishing on the Mae Klong River. The package includes all transfers, all accommodation, all tackle, all bait and one complimentary meal a day either breakfast (full English) or lunch.

As you can see from the images John Wilson's Lake in Chumphon has been stunningly landscaped and has manicured lawns and grass banks for fishing off of, with steps that lead into the water so that you easily get in for your photos with the bigger fish.

There are a wide variety of species in the lake and although John knows what he has stocked there are still a lot of surprises to be caught from the original fish that were already in the lake prior to John purchasing it.As it is a new lake the fish are at the moment relatively easy to catch and are feeding well and growing on quickly.


For more information about the lake and for package pricing click on this link to go to the John Wilson Fishing Package page.



We were lucky enough during the year to get our hands on a number of great fish from various sources, some caught in the wild and others bred and grown on by successful fish breeders, to add to our already impressive stock of monster fish. 
The biggest fish we stocked were during November when a number of very large Mekong catfish weighing between 280 and 380lb were released, and added to the existing good stock of fish. These have been caught on a regular bases and as a result a record 18 Mekong catfish over 300lb were caught in the first month January of 2017.
Siamese Carp
Fish Caught and Stocked from the Rivers and Dams
The Palm Tree guides and many of our fishing friends frequently fish the many rivers and dams in central Thiland, in particular the Mae Klong river system that includes both Khao Laem and Srinakarin dams as well as the Salween river up on the Burmese border.
Carp Species Caught & Stocked from the Local Rivers and Dams
Alligator Gar
Exotic Fish Species from South America
Exotic Fish Species from Africa


Local Thai fishing entity Mr 'Bung' surprised many with his latest success using of all things 'Banana' as bait. He was originally trying to catch one of the many big gourami that have proved elusive so far this year. He may have failed on the gourami front but he did eclipse four Palm Tree Lagoon records with a Redtail Catfish of 51kg (the first Redtail Catfish in Thailand to be weighed at over the 50kg mark), a Mrigal of 9.2kg (double the existing IGFA record), a Bony Lipped Barb of 1.8kg and a 12kg African Walking Catfish.
51kg Redtail Catfish9.2kg Mrigal15kg Pacu
Chao Phraya CatfishBony Lipped BarbAfrican Walking Catfish
Not to be outdone, Palm Tree Lagoons owner and Mark a customer from the UK also successfully gave Banana a go with the former landing a 15kg Pacu and Mark a 50kg+ Chao Phraya catfish.
Mad Barb

Andrew John Wakefields also got into the banana action with a cracking Mad Barb and an awesome Giant Gourami. Benny then went onto to break the IGFA all tackle Giant Gourami record on banana.



It has also been a good year for some of the lesser known Palm Tree Lagoon Species. This is good news for anglers who not only chase the big fish but like to catch new species as well. With a number of Black Carp, Marbled Goby, Chinese Black Carp, Marble Catfish, Barramundi, Cobra Snakehead and Black Ear Catfish being caught.

Black CarpMarbled GobyChinese Black Carp
GoonchBarramundiBlack Ear Catfish
Giant FeatherbackMarbled CatfishCobra Snakehead



There has been a lot of new fished stocked into Palm Tree Lagoon this year including a couple of new species namely Tambaqui and Barred Sorubim as well as existing species such as Arapaima, Redtail, Redtail Tiger, Catla Carp, Wallago Leeri, Wallago Attu and we lucky to get hold of a good number of Thai Redtail between 14kg and 32kg. A number of these fish are showing well in particular the new Arapaima (always a sucker fish when first introduced) and the Tambaqui. A lot of barred sourubim and redtail x tigers are also coming out especially on worm.

TambaquiSalween RitaRedtail Tiger Catfish
Ripsaw CatfishBarred SorubimThai Redtail
Chinese Bighead CarpGiraffe CatfishAtlantic Tarpon

Other newly introduced species that are waiting to and have already been caught include lau lau, firewood catfish, yellowcheek carp, spotted gar, peacock bass, giant, cobra and emperor snakehead, Thai mahseer and some very red arapaima.

Firewood CatfishEmporer SnakeheadLau Lau
Giant SnakeheadPeacock BassYellowcheek Carp
Wallago LeeriWallago AttuThai Mahseer