Fishing Holidays in Thailand - Palm Tree Lagoon Fishery

Price per Angler:


Standard Fishing Rate Per Day (1-2 Days Duration)

2 Predator Rod + 2 Carp/Mekong Rod THB 5500 / day


Special Fishing Rate Per Day (3 Days Duration or More)

2 Predator Rod + 2 Carp/Mekong Rod THB 4500 / day (THB 1000/day discount)


Carp/Mekong Fishing Rate Per Day (Non-predatory species only)

4 Carp/Mekong Rod THB 4500 / day


FREE Day Offer

If you book to fish for 7 days or more, then you get to fish an additional 8th day FREE of charge.


Exclusive Use Of The Lake Group Booking

If you make a group booking of 3 anglers of more fishing the Standard Package

(2 predator + 2 Carp/Mekong Rods), and you pay the full amount as per the rates set out above (ie NO further discounts).

Then provided no-one else has already booked prior to your confirmation,

then you get exclusive use of the lake. ie we will take no further bookings for that day.

To take advantage of this offer a non-refundable deposit of 35% is required before the booking will be confirmed.

Please Note: A minimum of 3 days must be booked to take advantage of this offer during the 5 peak season months of November - February and April.


Prices include rod and tackle hire, plus a reasonable amount of bait, full time guide, transfers from the lake to the Western Grand Hotel / Prawapa Hotel / Space 59, or Ratchaburi bus station, railway station or minibus drop off point.


Minibus / Coach Prices

Minibus from Mo Chit minibus station (Bangkok) to Ratchaburi THB 120

Minibus from Victory Monument minibus station (Bangkok) to Ratchaburi THB 120

Mininus from Hua Hin to Ratchaburi THB 120

Coach from Bangkok South Bus Terminal THB 93

Coach from Ekkamai Bus Terminal THB 93


Drop-offs and pick-ups to Bangkok, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Ban Pong can also be catered for see rates below.


For predator rods includes chicken and deadbait.

For Carp Rods a bowl of lum(rice bran)/bread mix, for Mekong Rods dry lum mix.


The amount of bait included in the ticket is normally sufficient for the day.

However, we do realise some anglers like to chuck extra bait in and therefore additional bait can be purchased.


additional bait charges: Extra pack chicken + deadbait THB 400

                                   Extra lum/bread mix THB 300 per bowl


Transfer Rates:

Suvarnabhumi Airport - Palm Tree Lagoon THB 1800 each way (includes freeway tolls)

Bangkok - Palm Tree Lagoon THB 1600 each way (includes freeway tolls)

Bangkok - Palm Tree Lagoon - Bangkok THB 2500 SAME DAY RETURN (inc freeway tolls)

Pattaya   - Palm Tree Lagoon THB 2500 each way (includes freeway tolls)

Pattaya  - Palm Tree Lagoon - Pattaya THB 3500 SAME DAY RETURN (inc freeway tolls)

Hua Hin - Palm Tree Lagoon THB 1800 each way

Hua Hin  - Palm Tree Lagoon - Hua Hin THB 2500 SAME DAY RETURN

Cha Am - Palm Tree Lagoon THB 1800 each way

Cha-Am  - Palm Tree Lagoon - Cha-Am THB 2500 SAME DAY RETURN


Carp rod setup will catch all carp species and accounts for most of the chao phraya catfish.

Mekong rod setup accounts for almost all the Mekong catfish and most of the Siamese carp.


It is also worth while trying worms as a bait on one of the carp rods. The lake has a large head of featherback which almost exclusively get caught on worms. Worms are also successful in catching chao phraya catfish, lau lau, Juliens golden price carp, Asian and Amazon redtails, and almost all the redtail x tiger catfish and barred sorubim. Worms can be bought for 30 THB per pack.


Damage to Rods and Reels Caused By Misuse or Negligence

If you break/damage a rod or reel as a result of misuse or negligence then you will be charged for the replacement/repair of the rod or reel up to the full replacement value depending on the damage as follows:

Replacement value of a rod THB 5500

Replacement value of a reel THB 5500