Palm Tree Lagoon Fishery 'BIG 5' Fish Club T-Shirts: 

Africa has it's BIG FIVE referring to of course the Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Elephant and Rhino. Thailand also has it's big 5 freshwater fish species, The first 3 species were an obvious choice made up of the two iconic Thai species namely the worlds biggest carp in the form of the Giant Siamese Carp and the worlds biggest catfish the unbelievably powerful Mekong Catfish. Making up the three is the only imported exotic species the colourful mighty Arapaima originally from South America and now native to Thailand having escaped the breeding nets in both Khao Laem and Srinakarin Dams. 
The first 3 species were an obvious choice the 2 iconic Thai species Siamese Carp and the Mekong Catfish and the biggest Exotic Species the Arapaima:
150lb Carp Club300lb Catfish Club400lb Arapaima Club
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To make up the 5 we added the Chao Phraya 'Dog Eating Catfish' and then a 'Wild Fish Achievement' category:
150lb Chao Phraya ClubWild Fish Achievement ClubFREE Weeks Fishing
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150LB+ CARP +






After a little thought the fourth member of the group was also an easy choice namely the legendary lighting fast attack striking  'Dog Eating Catfish'  more commonly known as the Chao Phraya Catfish. For the fifth and final member of the 'Big Five' we thought we would add a bit of wild adventury to the list so we went for a 'Wild Fish' achievement which includes a variety of freshwater fish that frequent the picturesque Khao Laem Dam. As the fishing in Khao Laem Dam is seasonal we chose two carp species that can be fished for from August to January namely rohu and black shark minnow, and two predatory species that can be fished for February to July, namely wallago attu and giant snakehead.

The qualifying weights for these species are as follows:

  • Rohu 12kg
  • Black Shark Minnow 6kg
  • Wallago Attu 12kg
  • Giant Snakehead 6kg

How The Concept Came About:

For many a fishing trip to Thailand is a once in a lifetime dream event so we thought about how could we give a lasting memento to those who came and were lucky enough to land one of Thailand's monster fish. So we came up with the 'Big 5 Fish Club' concept where if you catch one of the 'Big Five' species you get a FREE Palm Tree Lagoon Club T-shirt.

We then went a step further to look at how to reward our frequent return customers and came up with the idea that if anyone manages to join ALL Five Palm Tree Lagoon Big 5 Fish Clubs they automatically get to book a FREE weeks fishing.


The number one species and definitely the most sought after one to the seasoned angler returning to Thailand is the 150lb Carp Club t-shirt. Incidentally this is probably the easiest of the five to obtain as they are regular caught several times every month. Thailand has of course the worlds biggest carp species and the worlds most powerful one at that in the shape of the Giant Siamese Carp. There are currently four fish that have been weighed at over the 150lb mark with several others packing on weight it won't be long before their will be several more.
Black Shark Minnow
Rohu (Indian Carp)
Rohu (Indian Carp)MrigalJava Barb 3.85kg

Coming in at number two is the worlds biggest catfish and of course a Thai native the immensely powerful Mekong Catfish probably pound for pound the worlds strongest fighting freshwater fish by a long chalk. Although not built for speed it's unbelievable stamina combined with it's huge rudder of a tail make three hour plus long battles a commonplace event hear at Palm Tree Lagoon. We have several known fish that we have previously weighed and are known to exceed the 300lb mark. Catch one be warned make take an hour or two or three and a well deserved Palm Tree Lagoon 300lb Catfish Club t-shirt is a just reward.



Giant Snakehead
Eye-Spot Barb Cobra Snakehead


We had to have one import in the BIG 5 and the unanimous choice and probably one of the first time angler to Thailand's most sought after catch the arapaima. We currently have three arapaima that have been weighed over this weight but are wary and not easy to catch as they have lived in Palm Tree Lagoon for over 20 years. But they do make mistakes.So if you are lucky enough to land one of these not only will you have the trophy photo you will join quite an exclusive club.


Thai Redtailed Catfish
Wallago Attu
Miiror ReflectionThai Redtailed CatfishGiant Snakehead


After the first three which most would agree were obviously choices we wanted to keep the fourth species to be a Thai species as we already had one import on the list being the mighty arapiama. So it didn't take long to come up with Thailand's most fearsome predator the legendary 'Dog Eating Catfish' otherwise known as the Chao Phraya Catfish. The current IGFA record for these incredibly speedy attack predators is 145lb. In Palm Tree we have a number that exceed this weight and if you are lucky enough to catch one you will definitely qualify for a Palm Tree Lagoon 150lb Chao Phraya Club t-shirt.


Lunchtime on the Raft
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Full English BreakfastTime for BreakfastFull English Breakfast


We wanted to make one of the five a bit more adventurous to go and catch so we chose a selection of species that although we do have them all in Palm Tree Lagoon we felt it would be a fitting way to round out the 'Big Five' if you had to catch the final qualifying fish in the wild. As we pointed out this is the only club you have to enter out into the wild to join. The venue for catching the selected species is the majestic Khao Laem dam in Kanchanburi province. Here you will experience jungle fishing from a raft as you fish amongst the hundreds of island that dot this inland sea. To qualify you have to catch either a 12kg Rohu, a 5kg Black Shark Minnow, a 3kg Java Barb, a 12kg Wallago Attu or a 6kg Giant Snakehead.




As an incentive for return customers we are offering the chance to get a free weeks fishing. To do so you need to catch one qualifying fish in each of the BIG 5 categories, and in addition to being the envy of many an angler, you will automatically get to book a FREE weeks fishing as a reward for your hard fought achievement.
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