Guided Jungle Fishing Adventure Holidays in Thailand at Khao Laem Dam for Carp, Snakehead, Wallago and More...

Wild Fishing Holidays in Thailand do not get much adventurous than angling in one of the Kingdom of Siam's largest bodies of freshwater. Khao Laem Dam is a huge expanse of water over 60km long and 25km wide at its widest point. The carp fishing area is located in a wilderness area of unparalleled natural beauty amidst the hundreds of island situated at the northern end of the dam against a picturesque mountainous backdrop. So book your guided Wild Fishing Holidays in Thailand on the majestic Khao Laem Dam in Kanchanaburi province for Rohu (Indian Carp), Black Carp (Black Shark Minnow), Giant Snakehead, Wallago Attu (Great White Sheatfish), Wallago Leeri(Great Black Sheatfish), Java Barb, Tilapia, Mrigal, Yellow Catfish and more.... today.

Fish Species Of Khao Laem.

Khao Laem Dam is home to a healthy population of three main species of carp, the Rohu (Indian Carp) and Mrigal (small scale mud carp) both of Indian decent as well as the Thai black carp (black shark minnow). These are the main target fish with the Rohu having been caught to 22kg, black carp to 9kg. The mrigal to date have only been caught to 5kg but they are the most recent species to be stocked.

There are also several species of catfish including the yellow catfish and Thai redtail catfish which regularly take the carp baits; as do smith's barb and nandid tiger perch which makes great Tom Yum. Occasional a giant gourami gets caught but they generally prefer banana.

Good size java barb to 3kg and tilapia to 7kg can also be caught on the carp rods.

There are also a number of predatory species including three species of snakehead namely giant snakehead, striped snakehead and the elusive cobra snakehead as well as hampala barb (jungle perch), all of which can be caught on surface lures. Other predators that can be caught on live and dead baits include featherback, wallago attu (great white sheatfish) and wallago leeri (great black sheatfish), and marbled goby.

Carp Fishing in Khao Laem Dam.

The most important factor by a long chalk for wilderness carp fishing is the time of year. The carp fishing season is a relatively short one stretching from mid September to mid January. This coincides with the mosoonal rains having flooded the grasslands exposed in the dry season to a depth of 6-10 metres. The carp move in on these areas to feed, and as the water rises keep moving to new flooded grassland areas.

Due to the vast expanse of Khao Laem Dam prebaiting is the second key to successful carp fishing. Legendary Thai fishing guide Mr Ay who lives on the lake and has done for 29 years, carefully selects areas for prebaiting where rohu are observed jumping. A minimum of two areas are prebaited with 50kg of bait for a minimum of 10 days. Eight rods are set up in beach fishing style with the drags fairly heavily set. This is to try and keep the line and fish out of all the wood and trees lying on the dam floor, to ensure you get maximum chance of landing these prize wild immaculately conditioned fish. The terminal tackle consists of a two hook large feeder rig  packed with a lum/bread mix with a sour flavouring attractant.

Giant Snakehead Fishing:

Snakehead fishing is available all the year around but the best time is from when the water level is low until they have raised their young which both parents agressively defend. Surface frog lures are the main lures used as well as rapala's and spoons. A number of other species can also be caught on lures, including spriped snakehead, cobra snakehead, jungle perch, tilapia, yellow catfish and Thai redtailed catfish. Fishing is done by casting from a Thai long tail boat either by casting back to the bank, or into the group of 'lecroc' (snakehead young) trying to anger one of the guardian parents into aggressively defending their young.

Wallago Fishing:

The wallago fishing starts once the dam level starts to recede in January and continues autil the rains start again in earnest in late April and the level once again starts to rise. The wallago are caught in depths of 10-15m along known travel routes. A minimum of two areas are pre-baited with 200kg of 'baho' fish guts over a period of five days to drawer the fish into the swim. Six rods are used on two rod pods fitted with bite alarms, freelining the bait. In addition to wallago attu, giant snakehead, yellow catfish, Thai redtailed catfish and wallago leeri may also be caught by this method.


Other Species::

There are also many other species that you can catch whilst fishing at Khao Laem Dam.The two species of jungle perch namely hampala barb and eye-spot barb are very prolific and can easily be caught on spoons cast from the raft. The predatory catfish like Asian redtail and yellow catfish as wel as the two species of featherback (giant and clown) are generally caught on worms.You can also often catch some huge tilapia and giant gourami on the carp rods. Then there are a variety of other miscellaneous species that get caught from time to time like marble goby, cobra snakehead, smith's barb and nandid tiger perch..

When you arrive at the Dam we will drive down a little known secluded track to where Mr Ay will be waiting for us with his Thai style long tailed boat. He will then whisk you off through the watery wilderness to the Carp Fishing Raft already secured over one of the secretly prebaited locations.

Carp Raft

For those of a more adventurous nature you can choose to sleep on the carp raft in tents with inflatable mattresses and bedding provided. We will supply and cook all your meals which you will eat on the raft. We also supply bottled water at no extra cost. For any additional snacks and drinks you would like we stop off at Tesco Lotus Kanchanaburi on the way to stock up with whatever you please. We have large cold boxes which are replenished with ice daily to ensure that food, water and more importantly your beer is kept cold. There is a Thai style toilet on board the raft. The clear waters of the lake are ideal for washing and swimming in. There is no additional charge for sleeping on the raft overnight and most people find it a very quiet and relaxing experience.

Guest House

For those of a who enjoy their creature comforts at night the nearby guest house is in walking distance from dams edge back along the track you will have entered by, and is equipped with fully air conditioned rooms, with hot showers, satellite tv. All meals will still be supplied by us and cooked and eaten on the raft. You can either choose individual rooms or twin share. The rooms either way are weekdays THB1000 per night and THB1500 per night at the week ends.


For detailed itineraries of the packages available and costs go to the Fishing Rates Khao Laem  page.

Khao Laem Scenery.

The majestic mountain backdrop and the general tranquillity of the dam make the fishing experience here a unique and unforgettable one. This is an unspoilt wilderness area with an extremely low population density, which in itself is rare in Thailand. Apart from the occasional local fisherman passing by in his long tailed boat, you will be alone lost amongst the maze of bays and islands amidst a vast inland freshwater sea.


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