Palm Tree Lagoon - Latest Customer Catches October 2021


  Archived Catch Reports:

It was a stellar visit for John Harvey in October as he became yet another angler to do a double t-shirter session, firstly smashing his Mekong catfish pb with a leviathan of a fish, followed by a monstrous chao phraya grabbed his lum ball on the drop to become a Palm Tree Lagoon BIG Fish Club member in four different species. In addition to this he smashed his Chinese black carp pb, as well as landing Siamese carp to 100lb+, leopard catfish, alligator gar, mollycot, striped catfish, and Asian redtail.
Jonny Boye was another angler to add two more Palm Tree Lagoon BIG Fish t-shirts to his tally during his second visit for October. Firstly, he caught one of the more rarely seen Siamese carp which was in absolutely mint condition and then he followed this up with a huge arapaima. In addition to these two magnificent catches he also caught Chinese black carp, wallago attu, a pb black shark minnow, ripsaw catfish, rohu, giant gourami, Amazon redtail and more…
Two more big fish club t-shirts for Dan Hastings in October as he smashed both his Mekong catfish and Siamese carp pbs. He also broke his Juliens golden price carp pb several times as well as landing some other fabulous fish that included tambaqui, ripsaw catfish, rohu, and more…
October was another good month for Benji and Co, catching an impressive selection of species that included an awesome marble goby, giant gourami, leopard catfish, grass carp, Juliens golden price carp, black shark minnow, rohu, mollycot, alligator gar, ripsaw catfish, black ear catfish, tambaqui, Siamese carp, mrigal, yellow catfish, rohu x black shark minnow, as well as both Asian and Amazon redtail.
Another great session for Mike Cr in October, a double t-shirter in fact landing another huge arapaima, as well as a massive Siamese carp. He also caught striped catfish, a chunky Mekong catfish, and Asian redtail catfish.
Tim caught a wide variety of species in October topper off by a stonker of a Juliens golden price carp, an awesome green giant snakehead and an albino striped catfish. He also landed Siamese carp, catla carp, black shark minnow, alligator gar, Mekong catfish, rohu, striped catfish, yellow catfish, giant gourami, as well as both Amazon and Thai redtail.
Tim and Benny took Benji up to Khao Laem dam for the first time during October. Benji had a great time catching giant snakehead, yellow catfish, Asian redtail, nandid tiger perch and a beautiful tinfoil barb.
Graham Wall’s session in October resulted in a new species for him namely a crystal eyed catfish, he also landed a number of Siamese carp, as well as a stunning catla carp, Mekong catfish and more…
Another first time visitor Kevin Salotti and his son Jacob had a great session that included a right belter of a Chinese black carp a new species for them, as well as Mekong catfish, leopard catfish, a pb tambaqui, as well as both Amazon and Asian redtail.
A couple of Thai fishing mates made their first visit to Palm Tree during October landing a massive Mekong catfish as well as wallago attu, tambaqui, striped catfish, and both Asian and Amazon redtail.
Dennis de Ruiter returned for his second session of the month and this time got what he was after successfully landing the ‘Warrior’ after a fifty minute battle and earning himself a Palm Tree Lagoon BIG Carp Club t-shirt in the process. He also caught tambaqui, Mekong catfish and more…
Jonny Boye’s first session of October resulted in some superb catches that include Siamese carp to 100lb+, the ‘Friendly Mekong’ for his first Palm Tree Lagoon BIG Fish ?Club t-shirt, wallago attu and Chinese black carp both new species for him as well as tambaqui and more…
David Brown returned during October this time with fishing buddy Stephen Hayes and was all smiles as usual with their catches of Amazon redtail, alligator gar, ripsaw catfish, and the ‘Friendly Mekong’.
It had been a while since Dave Wilson had fished at Palm Tree, but in October he was back and had a good session catching three pbs namely Mekong catfish, mrigal and pacu as well as striped catfish.
Danny Merrion returned to Palm Tree in October after a long absence catching a number of Mekong catfish that included the ‘Friendly One’ twice, and also landed a nice tambaqui.
Dennis de Ruiter first visit in October saw him land a number of Siamese carp as well as Mekong catfish.