Palm Tree Lagoon - Latest Customer Catches October 2013 


  Archived Catch Reports:

Mark Hoye form Fish East Asia had several new species including ripsaw catfish and spotted featherback. He at one point battled for over an hour with a mekong catfish and then finished off with a 139lb siamese carp that is above the current IGFA record. His wife Dee also had ago last a number of fish including siamese carp, rohu and striped catfish.
Regular Palm Tree Lagoon angler Gerhard Posche caught a number of both spotted and giant featherback as well as a piraaiba, and several arapaima.
Ian Farr made his first trip to Palm Tree Lagoon from Singapore, and caught a number of species including several stingray, siamese carp, featherback, redtail catfish and arapaima. His wife also tried her luck and caught a number of redtail catfish.
A young couple visited Palm Tree from Japan and were all smiles catching giant featherback, arapaima, siamese carp and over 30 amazon redtail catfish.
Tony Yuang and his wife Sabrina Sun who run a tackle shop in Aukland New Zealand had an enjoyable time, catching a wide variety of fish including several tambaqui, alligator gar, redtails, mekong catfish, tarpon, marble catfish, blach shark minnow, siamese carp, rohu, arapaima and more.
A group of three american buddies Jeff, Nicholas and their mate with Khao Lak Fishing Tours did really well catching wallago leeri, thai redtail catfish, a number of siamese carp, marble catfish,mekong, featherback, arapaima, pacu, catla carp, rohu, black ear catfish and a huge number of amazon redtail catfish.
Mike Bailey returned to Palm Tree to continue his quest to break the chao phraya record. No big chao phraya for him this time but he did catch some nice fish of other species including redatail catfish, pacu and mrigal.
Thomas Engberts and Johan Visser had an enjoyable seession at Palm Tree catching a huge number of fish which included a huge bony lipped barb which should have been claimed as a new IGFA record, arapaima, siamese carp to 90lb, giant featherback, piraaiba, wallago attu, redtail catfish, alligator gar, ripsaw catfish and more....
Paul and Matteo customers of Khao Lak Fishing Tours had a great time catching a number of good fish including an elephant ear gourami, wallago attu, siamese carp to over 100lb, piraaiba, marbel catfish, chao phraya and more...
Another group from Khao Lak Fishing Tours had a good day out, catching mekong, arapaima, clown featherback, wallago attu, black shark minnow, rohu and a black shark minnow / rohu cross breed.
Thomas Engberts and Johan Visser went on a three day trip to Khao Laem Dam. They were unlucky with the rohu hooking two good size fish and unfortunately loosing both of them. However, they did catch some black shark minnows, tilapia and yellow catfish. They also had a go on the worms catching a marble goby, a zigzag eel and some nandid tiger perch. They were also successful with the lure fishing catching a number of jungle perch (both hampala and eye-spot barb) on spoons.