Palm Tree Lagoon - Latest Customer Catches 2013 


  Archived Catch Reports:

1. Elise and Jeff Cooper from Sydney Australia.
John Harvey - Ripsaw Catfish
John Harvey - Pacu
John Harvey - Arapaima
2 John Harvey from Pattaya
Arapaima - James Rawle
3 James Rawle from Pattaya
Darren Stock - Siamese CarpDarren Stock - Siamese Carp
4 Darren Stock from Manchester UK
5 Frenchman Francois Pineau currently residing in Bangkok
6 Austrian Gerard Posch who currently lives and works in Bangkok

7 Klaus from Austria

8 Johnny and Tuula from Finland
9 Gerard Parruite from France
10 Jason Cole fron Pattaya and his mate Gavin Williams from Liverpool
11 Lenny Husch from Texas
12 Torsten Wagner from Germany.
13 Brett Simmonds from the UK
14 Steve Dalkin from England
15 Dave Byott from England.