Palm Tree Lagoon - Latest Customer Catches November 2013 


  Archived Catch Reports:

John Stevens only carp fished and did not predator fish at all. He managed to catch a number of good Siamese carp topping it with one of 140lb as well as catching a giraffe catfish, several rohu and a rarely caught crystal eyed catfish.
A group of three fishing buddies came up from Hua Hin intent on having a good time. They caught a myriad of fish including a 30kg and a 55kg chao phraya as well as some large rohu, several giant snakehead, siamese carp, mekong catfsih, several black shark minnows, a lot of amazon redtails and a giant gourami.
Eric, Brad and Chris returning Palm Tree customers had another good session. Each of them caught good sized siamese carp, a couple of decent mekong as well as numerous amazon redtails, pacu, juliens carp, alligator gar, black ear catfish, crystal eyed catfish and rohu.
Returning South African customer Andrew John Wakefield finally caught the three figure Siamese carp he had been after. He also caught three different species of featherback, namely giant, spotted and clown in successive casts. He managed to beat the IGFA balck ear catfish record with a 12kg specimen but unfortunately did not strike the rod himself so could not claim. In addition to this he caught good sized marble catfish, lau lau, alligator gar, stingray, giraffe catfish, pacu, wallago attu, rohu and more...
Pattaya Fishing Tours customer Tommy Playford caught a number of greatr fish including a brace of good sized Siamese carp, black shark minnow, redtail x tiger cross, giant featherback, pacu, arapaima, a number of amazon redtails and a huge yellow catfish.
Regular customer Tim Coakley notched up a new species for him with a brace of ripsaw catfish. He also caught a variety of carp species including a number of Siamese carp, juliens carp, catla carp and a monster rohu. In addition he caught arapaima, stingray, lau lau amazon redtail catfish and topped it off with a good sized Thai redtail catfish.
James Allen caught several nice fish including a pb Siamese carp, ripsaw catfish, amazon redtail catfish, and a number of rohu rohu and striped catfish.
Three Malaysian anglers Juan Chang, Alan Cheah and their fishing buddy from Bangkok Fishing Guide Services were exceptionally pleased with their pair of Siamese carp they caught. They also caught a huge number of amazon redtails, black shark minnow, a good sized tiger sorubim and wallago attu.
Another Bangkok Fishing Gude Services customer was more than happy with his catches especially his arapaima. He then followed it up by catching lau lau, black ear catfish, black shark minnow, a large number of amazon redtail catfish, and had a successful one hour battle with a mekong.
Tap the owner of Bangkok Fishing Guide Service took a break from guiding and decided to have a fish himself. He started off with two very plump looking fish namely a marble catfish and a black ear catfish. Then went on to catch giant featherback, rohu, crystal eyed catfish, wallago attu, amazon redtail and finished off with a pair of Siamese carp.
Frequent customer Thomas returned during Loy Krathong again catching a variety of nice fish including Siamese carp, a huge mrigal, a pb wallago attu, rohu, arapaima and a tambaqui a new species for him.
Returning customer John Atkins finally caught a species he has been after for some time a stunning Juliens golden price carp. He also had five other new species for him a specimen sized black shark minnow, ripsaw catfish, giant gourami, a rare elephant ear gourami and a clown featherback. He also caught stingray, arapaima, rohu and a number of amazon redtails.
Indonesian anglers Irwan, Toni and two other fishing buddies came with the main aim to catch an arapaima. Finally after wading through numerous amazon redtails and loosing one arapaima earlier in the day they caught their quarry. The four happy anglers all jumped in for the photo.They also managed to catch some good sized Siamese carp, chao phraya catfish, rohu and had an hour plus long battle with a mekong that they took turns fighting.
Returning Norwegian customer PG came down with a group of angling friends and had a great time catching a big alligator gar that no one was game to pick up, along with a good sized mekong, several tambaqui, Siamese carp, black shark minnow, Thai redtail, pacu, redtail x tiger cross and a number of amazon redtails.
Malaysian Dr Harry returned for his second trip of the month and this time suceeded in his quest to catch an arapaima catching three in total. In addition he also caught, stingray, pacu and amazon redtails.
Khao Lak Fishing Tours customer Andy Cartwright returned to Palm Tree guided by Neil Robinson and has some very nice catches, catching the rarely caught cobra snakehead on worms. He also caught a 9.5kg mrigal than was well over the current IGFA record but did not claim. He had a good sized alligator gar that he was hesitant at first to pick up, and battled a mekong catfish for 40 minutes. He also caught some big rohu, chao phaya and redtail catfish.
South African angling fanatic Andrew John Wakefield took at a trip up the dam to catch some wild fish. Unfortunately the two big rohu he hooked got the upperhand and manage to escape by snagging him in the trees. However he did manage to catch seven specimen sized java barb along with black shark minnow, some big tilapia, yellow catfish and some Smith's barb and said he will return in March for a wild wallago fishing expedition.
A Russian customer was that keen to fish Palm Tree he hired a car and drove up from Pattaya. He had a great time catching a brace of good sized Siamese carp as well as black shark minnow, barred sorubim (tiger catfish), redtail x tiger cross and some amazon redtails.
Tap of Bangkok Fishing Guides Services brought up two customers who enjoyed some great fishing. They caught a large number of fish including arapaima, Siamese carp, stingray, a huge rohu, tambaqui, a couple of african walking catfish, a decent sized mekong and a quantity of amazon redtail catfish.
Malaysian anglers Dr Harry and Dr William came to Palm Tree with the intent of catching an arapaima. Unfortunately the only arapaima they hooked got away. However, they catch many other fish including ripsaw catfish, rohu, pacu, stingray, giraffe catfish, and amazon redtail catfish. Dr Harry vowed to return later in the month for another go at the arapaima which he successfully did catching three.
A Khao Lak Fishing Tours customer came up to Palm Tree to fish for carp. Unfortunately the carp did not want to know but he did catch a firewood catfish, a pacu and several striped catfish.