Palm Tree Lagoon - Latest Customer Catches November 2014


  Archived Catch Reports:

Christmas prize draw winner Jimmy Griffin certainly enjoyed his week at Palm Tree Lagoon catching over twenty different species of awesome fish many of the new to him. These included ripsaw catfish, Chinese black carp, Juliens golden price carp, mekong catfish, lots of wallago attu including five in a single day, Asian and Amazon redtails, African walking catfish, rohu, catla carp, Siamese carp, black shark minnow, suckermouth catfish, black ear catfish, soldier river barb, albino pacu, clown featherback and more...
Dan Farey accompanied Jimmy Griffin for the week and also caught more than twenty different species including both rare species of catfish from the Burmese border namely the Salween rita and Salween catfish. In addition to this  he caught some other awesome fish that included a huge alligator gar and a huge Juliens golden price carp, tambaqui, tiger catfish, Chinese black carp, mollycot, Siamese carp, suckermouth catfish, wallago attu, Asian and Amazon catfish, albino pacu, crystal eyed catfish, black ear catfish, rohu, chao phraya catfish and gourami.
The third member of Jimmy's group was Jon Davies who likewise caught more than twenty species of fish with the trio catching thirty five species between them. Jon also caught a big alligator gar and a 100lb+ Siamese carp. In addition to this he had more startling catches such as tambaqui, giant snakehead, African walking catfish, Chinese black carp, Chinese silver carp, rohu, albino pacu, black shark minnow, pacu, mrigal, ripsaw catfish, tiger catfish, solder river barb, Asian and Amazon redtails and more....
Mr Mekong aka Stretton Honor was also back revisiting his quest to beat his mekong catfish pb. This he did in more than awesome style catching a 300lb+ one and in the process earning himself a Palm Tree Lagoon 300lb Catfish Club t-shirt. He also caught several other big mekongs as well as Chinese black carp, clown featherback, black shark minnow, albino striped catfish, black ear catfish, ripsaw catfish, wallago attu, Siamese carp and rohu.
Dave Pollock ably guided by Neil Robinson of Khaolak Fishing Tours was the first angler during the month to win a Palm Tree Lagoon club t-shirt by catching a 150lb+ Siamese carp and was thrilled to bits. In addition to this awesome capture he caught Chinese black carp and mad barb which were both firsts for him, as well as Juliens golden price carp, black shark minnow, more big Siamese carp, pacu, leopard catfish, African walking catfish, mrigal and clown featherback.
Phillip Koda and his dad came down for a brief visit and vowed to return soon. Especially after Phillip landed a 150lb+ carp and his dad a 100lb+ one within an hour or so of each other. They also caught good sized mekong catfish, black ear catfish, Amazon redtail, Chinese black carp, tambaqui, wallago attu and catfish shark.
Extremely keen Indian angler Aaron Arokiaraj had a superb visit to Palm Tree. He also caught a huge variety of species and was unlucky on the first day when he lost a huge mekong catfish after playing it for over two hours. Nevertheless he went on to catch a myriad of great fish like black ear catfish, barramundi, black shark minnow, rohu, mekong catfish, Juliens golden price carp, Asian and amazon redtails, Siamese carp, pacu, tambaqui, soldier river barb and more... He also had a go on the Palm Tree Barra ponds catching several big barramundi.
Karl Howe was back again for another of his biannual visits and as expected was straight into the fish. He caught a huge number of fish during the session that included good sized Siamese carp and mekong catfish as well as Chinese black carp, crystal eyed catfish, black shark minnow, rohu, Juliens golden price carp, river soldier barb and yellow catfish both new species for him, Amazon and Asian redtail catfish, wallago attu, clown and giant featherback, catfish shark and striped catfish.
Roy Redhead had a smile on his face from the moment he arrived which only got bigger after landing a 104lb Siamese carp and a seldom caught giant snakehead. He also went on to catch a number of other awesome fish such as a Chinese bighead carp, ripsaw catfish, yellow catfish, wallago attu, mrigal, Amazon and Asian redtails, tambaqui and catfish shark.
Tim was back up at Khao Laem and potentially pushed up the IGFA Jave Barb record with a 4.35kg specimen. He also caught Asian redtailed catfish and tilapia.
Scott Remnant and  his fishing mate also made there first visit to Palm Tree during the month. They enjoyed the session catching Siamese carp to 85lb as well as a hard to catch catla carp and some very good sized Asian redtail catfish. They also caught many other impressive fish like albino striped catfish, clown featherback, mollycot, catfish shark, pacu Amazon redtail and striped catfish.
Scott Redhead was another angler who caught a great variety of species during his session, including some of the more rarely caught species such as Chinese silver carp, Chinese black carp, crystal eyed and yellow catfish. He also landed mekong catfish, giant featherback, wallago attu, black shark minnow, mrigal, rohu and numerous Amazon redtails.
Owen Huuhka certainly got into a great variety of species during his visit as well as some big Siamese carp, alligator gar and mekong catfish. His other catches included crystal eyed catfish, Juliens golden price carp, African walking catfish, wallago attu, tiger catfish, ripsaw catfish, tambaqui, rohu and Amazon redtails.
Walle Kalle brought along his first German customer for the European winter season. He was well pleased with his catches of a variety of different species many of which were new to him. These include wallago attu, Asian and Amazon redtails, tambaqui, Juliens golden price carp, pacu, giant featherback, mekong catfish, leopard catfish as well as striped catfish and catfish shark.
Marcus Mandrek thoroughly enjoyed his session at Palm Tree catching a vast array of different species that included a 100lb+ Siamese carp, Chinese black carp, mekong catfish, Asian and Amazon redtail catfish, gourami, mad barb, mrigal, Juliens golden price carp, rohu and catfish shark.
Larry Vlachy came down with his son and they were well pleased with their catches that comprised of mekong catfish, black ear catfish, wallago attu and Amazon redtails.

The guides of course got some fishing in during the month, at Khao Laem Dam, the Palm Tree Barra Ponds as well as Palm Tree Lagoon itself. They caught some awesome java barb up the dam as well as black shark minnow, Asian redtail catfish, tilapia and nandid tiger perch. Other catches of note were barramundi and cobra snakehead.

Tim was back down the Mae Klong river having another go at the stingray, this time managing to get one as well as unexpectedly catching a bull shark.
Palm Tree veteran Gerhard Posche also revisited during the month. As usual he caught some awesome catches that included albino pacu a new species for him as well as ripsaw catfish, black shark minnow, rohu, black ear catfish, African walking catfish, wallago attu and Amazon redtail catfish.
Regulars Eric Schofield and Brett Simmons were back with Eric catching a cracking Juliens golden price carp. They also caught mekong catfish, rohu, Asian redtail catfish and striped catfish.
Andy Cartwright came back for another visit ably guided by Neil Robinson of Fishing-Khaolak tours. He caught some great catches as always which included Juliens golden price carp, black ear catfish, mrigal, black shark minnow, catfish shark, clown featherback, Amazon redtail and striped catfish.
Paul Brown made his first visit coming up from Petchaburi. He caught a rare elephant ear gourami as well as a number of Asian and Amazon redtails.
Tim went down the Palm tree Barra ponds and catch a few barramundi as well as a nice Asian redtail catfish.
Another newcomer to PTL was Sean Harrison and his mate who managed to catch Amazon redtails, striped catfish, catfish shark and a pacu.
Phill Simm made his first visit to Palm Tree with one of his fishing mates and they caught tambaqui, Amazon redtail catfish and a Siamese carp 
Neil Robinson from Fishing-Khaolak Tours brought another customer during the month who was happy catching Amazon redtails, giant featherback, black shark minnow and catfish shark.