Palm Tree Lagoon - Latest Customer Catches October 2014


  Archived Catch Reports:

Andrew Harman returned this time chasing a big arapaima and a big mekong. He succeeded with the arapaima catching a stunning 440lb+ specimen and also managed to increase his '150lb Carp Club' t-shirt count with two more big Siamese.  In addition he caught several new species for him that included an albino striped catfish, a giraffe catfish and a Salween rita catfish. He also caught a number of other great fish such as mekong catfish, tambaqui, Juliens golden price carp, black shark minnow, wallago attu, clown featherback, alligator gar,Asian and Amazon redtail catfish.
A Japanese Fishing Guiding Service brought a couple of budding Japanese anglers down for a session. The smiles said it all as they caught some awesome fish that included mekong catfish, four Juliens golden price carp, giant gorami, giant featherback, archer fish, stingray, rohu and Amazon redtails.
Plathong from Pattaya Fishing Guide was back at Palm Tree during the month catching a variety of stunning fish that included a three figure Siamese carp, Juliens golden price carp, mekong catfish, redtail x tiger catfish, black shark minnow, and Asian and Amazon redtail catfish.
South African anglers Gitesh, Vitesh and Chetan thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Palm Tree catching a great variety of fish culminating in a 302 lb Mekong Catfish that took almost three hours to land and resulted in them having to dash to the airport to get their plane. They also caught Siamese carp, more mekongs, black shark minnow, African walking catfish, rohu, big-Y, clown and giant featherbacks, a rare Salween catfish, leopard catfish, mollycot, striped catfish, catfish shark, Asian redtail catfish, wallago attu and a number of Amazon redtail catfish. 
Tap of Bangkok Fishing Guide Service customer had a good session catching a number of awesome fish that included a 104 lb Siamese carp, Mekong catfish, Juliens golden price carp, Amazon redtail catfish, black shark minnow, clown featherback and a leopard catfish.
Tim concentrated on giving the Urban Baits Nutcracker popup and snowman rigs a go. The snowman rig successfully accounted for a nice ripsaw and the biggest giraffe catfish caught to date. The popups caught him four Siamese carp and four Chinese black carp in a single afternoon, as well as an Asian redtail catfish and  a rohu. He also caught barramundi, giant featherback, albino pacu, yellowcheek carp, grass carp and mekong catfish on various other methods.
Mick Foley a customer of Fishing-Khaolak made his first visit to Palm Tree and said it was the best fishing he had ever had, catching numerous new species and pb's and vowed to return next year. Some of the fish he caught were Siamese carp, Juliens golden price carp, black shark minnow, giant featherback, tambaqui, wallago attu, mekong catfish, black ear catfish, Asian and Amazon redtail catfish.
Tony Kennedy returned to Palm Tree during the month again catching some nice fish which included a rare Salween Catfish and a big Alligator Gar that he wasn't sure about picking up so Benny did the honours for the photo. He also caught Siamese carp, soldier river barb, more alligator gar, striped catfish and Amazon redtails.
Tap of Bangkok Fishing Guide Service made his third visit for the month with his beaming customer catching some stunning fish the best of which being a 20kg rare Salween rita catfish. He also caught Mekong catfish, chao phraya catfish, Asian redtail catfish, yellow catfish, Chinese black carp, soldier river barb, pacu, tambaqui, black shark minnow, and an albino pacu.
Bangkok resident Jos Brown made his first trip to Palm Tree and had no problem in bagging up. Catching numerous fish that included Siamese carp, Juliens golden price carp, ripsaw catfish, chao phraya catfish, Mekong catfish, tambaqui, pacu, black shark minnow, yellowcheek carp, albino pacu and Asian and Amazon redtail catfish.
Jason Wymer also returned to Palm Tree during the month catching a number of new species for him that included marble catfish, giant gourami, Juliens golden price carp, black ear catfish, tambaqui and ripsaw catfish. He also caught some big  Amazon redtail catfish, striped catfish, leopard catfish and chao phraya catfish.
With the water level at Khao Laem Dam still very low for the time of year and the rohu still out in the deep water the team had to pursue other species. This did not stop Benny from smashing the current IGFA all tackle Java Barb record of 2.65kg with an awesome fish of 3.85kg. In addition to this a number of other big java barb were caught along with, Smith's barb, yellow catfish and black shark minnows.
Tap of Bangkok Fishing Guide Service first customer of the month also had an enjoyable visit to Palm tree catching some nice fish such as Mekong Catfish, black shark minnow, wallago attu, tambaqui, alligator gar, rohu, Asian and Amazon redtail catfish
Plathong of Pattaya Fishing Guide returned with a German customer for her second visit of the month. Not having fished in Thailand before every species was a new one for him. He went on to catch stingray, Juliens golden price carp, African walking catfish, wallago attu, leopard catfish and Amazon redtail catfish.
French angler Didier visited Palm Tree for the first time and caught some nice fish that included Siamese carp, mekong catfish, albino pacu, mrigal and Amazon redtails.
Michael Pye made his return visit to Palm tree during the month. the fishing was on the slow side but he did manage to catch some tambaqui, Siamese carp, mrigal, chao prraya and Mekong catfish.
The guides as usual has a dabble during the month with Sue catching a 104 lb Siamese carp on 2 x 12mm Urban Baits Nutcracker popups. They also caught a number of other fish that included some big barramundi, Mekong catfish, grass carp, java barb, stingray, mad barb, yellow catfish, albino pacu, big alligator gar and leopard catfish.
A couple of local expat anglers also had there first visit to Palm tree. They caught several nice fish that included Mekong catfish, Tha redtail catfish, rohu and Amazon redtail catfish.
Tim had a go at Stingray fishing on the Mae Klong River and despite two lengthy battles one of two and a half hours and another of forty minutes it was all to no avail. Result Tim 0 : 2 Stingray.