Palm Tree Lagoon - Latest Customer Catches December 2014


  Archived Catch Reports:

Lam Kin Wei from Singapore was the first angler to get a club t-shirt for the month with his 150lb+ Siamese carp. He also caught wallago attu, giant featherback, black ear catfish, Chinese black carp, Thai and Amazon redtails as well as hooking a HUGE arapaima on a fly.
Matthew Gourlay made a last minute decision to come up to Palm Tree for three days of fishing and was well pleased with his catch of both Thai and the more exotic fish in Thailand. He caught a number of big Siamese carp which was his main target as well as clown featherback, black shark minnow, chao phraya, Chinese black carp, albino striped catfish, ripsaw catfish, tambaqui, rohu, alligator gar, wallago attu, both Thai and Amazon redtailed catfish, giraffe catfish and some big mekongs.
Neil from Khaolak fishing tours customer Andreas Karlson came down with four specific goals in mind. Well he managed to achieve three of the four namely catching a 100lb+ Siamese carp, he caught two; catching a black shark minnow, he caught three and catching a wallago attu. He also caught clown featherback, rohu and Amazon redtails. He said he will be back to achieve the fourth soon.
Henry Krapola finally returned to PTL after an 18 month absence. He didn't take long to make up for lost time catching a 100lb+ pb Siamese carp, several new species including Chinese black carp, black shark minnow and albino striped catfish, as well as some big mekong and Amazon redtail catfish.
Tommy Tonneson returned for his second visit to Palm Tree Lagoon. His main goal was to catch a 100lb+ Siamese carp which he succeeded in doing and then went on to catch several other pb's which included Asian redtail catfish and mekong catfish. He also caught some new species for him such as Chinese black carp and black shark minnow. He also caught a number of Amazon redtail catfish.
Jochem Grappel and his fishing buddy from Germany were also after some big Siamese carp plus any other new species that they hadn't previously caught. They were successful on all fronts catching several big Siamese carp as well as a number of new species like Chinese black carp, wallago attu, mad barb, rohu, albino striped catfish, Thai redtail catfish and black shark minnow. They also caught some big mekong and Amazon redtail catfish.
Eric Schofield and Brett Simmons were on one of their bi-annual visits to Palm Tree and were specially on the hunt for big Siamese carp. They did manage to catch several big Siamese as well as some big mekongs, tambaqui, stingray, albino striped catfish, rohu, soldier river barb, black shark minnow and Asian redtail catfish.
David and Martin Cowell made their first visits to PTL during the month. They caught a wide variety of awesome catches which included ripsaw catfish, tambaqui, yellow catfish, giant snakehead, Amazon and Thai redtailed catfish, crystal eyed catfish, rohu, Siamese carp, Chinese black carp, striped and tiger catfish.
Tim spent a couple of successful days down on the Mae Klong River and caught eight stingray the biggest of which was 400lb+
John Harvey, Jamese Rawle and Jason Wymer wer back again at PTL during the month. As per usual they caught a number of stunning catches that included an albino chao phraya, a huge leopard catfish, mekong catfish, tambaqui, alligator gar, black ear catfish, chao phraya and Amazon redtails.
A group of Japanese anglers decided to spend Christmas and boxing days at PTL and were well rewarded catching wallago leeri, mekong catfish, Siamese carp, rohu, mollycot, catfish shark and a number of Amazon redtail catfish.
Waller Kalle Exotic - Fishing in Thailand's customers also got into some good mekong during their visit as well as catching wallago attu, Siamese carp, Amazon redtail, catfish shark and more...
Another group of Japanese anglers also got into the fish this month catching one of the plumpest mekongs we have ever seen. In addition they also caught wallago attu, rohu, big-y, yellow catfish, catfish shark and numerous Amazon redtails.
Benny had a day out on the Mae Klong river smashing her pb giant freshwater stingray with a 400lb+ monster.
David Grimes and his golf group were down for another visit. and as usual caught a variety of exotic species such as Thai and Amazon redtail catfish, African walking catfish, Siamese carp, mekong catfish, wallago attu, black ear catfish, rohu giant featherback, albino gourami and striped catfish.
Graham Nuttal could only squeeze in one morning on a busy schedule but was well pleased with a pb Siamese carp and his first ripsaw catfish as well as a couple of other small fish.
Benny was back up at Khao Laem Dam during the month and finally got the first wild rohu of the year despite the low dam levels that we have experienced all season. In addition she caught a number of java barb, tilapia, yellow catfish and black shark minnow.


Michael Quehenberger bagged up with some awesome fish during his first visit to PTL. These included stunning alligator gar, big-y, rohu, tambaqui, African walking catfish, giant featherback, catfish shark, Amazon and Thai redtails.
John Deakin from Catmaster Tours finally made it to Palm Tree and caught a Chinese black carp a new species for him as well as an Amazon redtail, Thai redtail and a catfish shark.
Tim concentrated on using worms and small koi carp and managed to catch some more unusual fish like the vulture catfish, Chinese highfin catfish, giraffe catfish, wels, Indian snakehead and wallago leeri. He also caught a 150lb+ Siamese carp, rohu, albino gourami, albino swai and a barred sorubim.
Dean from Perth Australia made his first visit to Palm Tree and was well pleased with a decent size mekong, a wallago attu  as well as several redtails and a Siamese carp
Erik Klietsch and his mate from Germany went up to Khao Laem Dam for a three day jungle fishing adventure. Although the rohu failed to show due to the low water levels this year they did catch a number of other great fish including java barb, black shark minnow, tilapia, nandid perch and yellow catfish. They said they are looking forward to coming back and having a go for the wallago.
Tap of Bangkok Guiding Services sent down a fishing family for the day. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves catching some cracking fish like Siamese carp, rohu, mekong catfish, Amazon redtails and striped catfish.
Two carp angling regulars from Germany returned this month and even though the Siamese were not in a feeding mood they did catch some great mekongs.
Steve Ryan came with his four fishing buddies from the States. They caught a variety of species that included Siamese carp, Thai redtail catfish, pacu, black ear catfish, mekong catfish and  clown featherback.
Neil of Khaolak Fishing Tours also sent down a customer during the month who seemed more than happy with his catch of wallago attu, tambaqui, rohu and Amazon redtails.
Nigel and Matt Branch came down and did it very tough only managing to catch a black shark minnow and a crystal eyed catfish.
Thai fishing guide Boy customer also struggled with the cold water temperature making bites hard to get but did manage to get an alligator gar, a rohu and an Amazon redtail by the end of the day.
Fish Siam customer David caught several stunning fish that included Amazon redtail catfish and a black shark minnow.
 A passing angler dropped in briefly for a quick go and was happy with his albino pacu and a rohu.