Palm Tree Lagoon - Latest Customer Catches December 2013 


  Archived Catch Reports:

Returning customer PG from Norway smashed his previous Siamese carp PB with a monstrous fish of a 140llb. He also caught a number of other good sized fish including barred sorubim, black ear catfish, wallago attu, amazon redtail and rohu.
Thomas Engberts has become a regular at Palm Tree catching many specimen fish, and he came with his friend Vince Stofa . This trip was no exception with Thomas collecting an early Christmas present by finally catching one of the 'big girls' an awesome arapaima of 400lb+. They also went on to catch other quality fish including Thai redtailed catfish, amazon redtail catfish, rohu, and alligator gar.
Joakim from Germany made his first visit to Palm Tree during the month and had a great time catching a huge number of fish. These included a mad barb of 7.5kg well above the current IGFA world record of 6kg as well as  barred sorubim, arapaima, Siamese carp, Mekong catfish,wallago attu, amazon redtail, ripsaw catfish, black shark-minnow, giant gourami, rohu, clown featherback and more....
Tor Arne Justad also make his first trip to PTL with Pattaya Fishing Tours, the highlight of his catches was a three figure Siamese carp, and he also caught good sized arapaima, wallago attu, black ear catfish and amazon redtails. In addition he had many other species including Thai redtailed catfish, giant featherback, rohu, and alligator gar.
Waller-Kalle brought one of his German customers during the month and between them they caught a number of good sized Siamese carp as well as amazon redtails and stingray
Tim concentrated on fishing the margins this visit and was rewarded with braces of wallago leeri and another of giant snakehead along with other predator species. He also managed to catch two 20lb+ mrigal both exceeding the current IGFA world record on successive days, both fish falling to bread fished on a short hook link with a method feeder packed with bread and rice bran.


Eric, Brad and Chris returned to Palm Tree again this month having another good session. Each of them caught good sized siamese carp again, as well as giant snakehead, giant featherback, amazon redtails, ripsaw catfish, stingrtay and a Thai redtail catfish..
The infamous Mitch brought down Mahseer legend Joe Assassa for a visit, he managed to catch his two target fish namely a Siamese carp, and a wallago attu known as the senang in India, the fish Jeremy wade failed to catch on River Monsters. They also caught some nice amazon redtail and black ear catfish.
Tim and PG from Norway came up to Khao Laem Dam for a four day carp fishing trip. Unfortunately the unseasonably cold weather experienced in Thailand during December meant the rohu and black carp were off the feed. However, they did catch a large number of big java barb including one of 2.6kg which has been lodged as a new potential IGFA world record eclipsing the old record by 0.3kg. In addition they caught some big tilapia which are great eating as well as yellow catfish, and eye-spot barb.
UK angler Stretton Honor also returned to Palm Tree during the month. He managed to catch his first Palm Tree Mekong his favourite species of fish, as well as a several new species for him namely a vundu catfish and a Thai catfish shark (mollicot) and a catfish shark (pla sayu). In addition he caught a number of other species including tambaqui, wallago attu, amazon redtail catfish, Thai redtailed catfish, pacu and rohu.
Three American anglers came through Khao-Lak Fishing Tours really wanting to catch an arapaima. Although the arapaima eluded them they did catch a 30kg wallago leeri as well as a number of amazon redtail catfish and alligator gar.
Tap of Bangkok Fishing Guides Services brought down a couple of customers, who were more than pleased with their array of fish species which included a large number of amazon redtails, ripsaw catfish, clown featherback, mollicot, catfish shark and rohu.
John Duffy came back to Palm Tree this time with his mate Steve Bowers from the UK. John had two new PB's,  with both  the Thai and Amazon redtail catfish. Steve had a hug alligator gar at least 30kg+ which manage3d to jump back into the water unphotographed, and a big yellow catfish.  They also caught Siamese carp, striped catfish, mollycot and rohu.
The guides also had a couple of goes during the month catching some big fish including several wallago leeri, a 90kg+ mekong, several of the elusive barramundi, the first Chinese black carp to be caught out of Palm Tree. Also caught was the second  mad barb of the month exceeding the IGFA record at 16lb *oz, as well as some nice rohu to around the 30lb mark.
John Duffy and his mate Steve Bowers continued there fishing with a carp fishing trip up to Khao Laem Dam. However, attempts top catch the rohu and black carp were again thwarted by the cold weather. The weather didn't put off the jungle perch however, with both anglers catching both species namely the hampala and eye-spot barb. John also caught caught and lodged in a claim for an all tackle IGFA record for the Nandid Tiger Perch (Malayan leaffish) with a 0.90kg specimen well above the current record of 0.65kg. They also caught some good sized  java barb and yellow catfish, and some small giant snakehead. But the great thing with Khao Laem is that even if the fishing is hard you can always sit back with a cold beer and enjoy the majestic scenery.
We also had some Japanese anglers visit us during the month. They enjoyed there stay catching a variety of fish species including black shark-minnow, stingray, amazon redtail catfish, rohu, Thai redtailed catfish and pacu.
Matt Smith and Dave Stewart came to Palm Tree mainly to fish for the carp species. Both were successful in catching themselves some Siamese carp and some big rohu. Other fish were also interested in their carp baits especially the tambaqui, pacu, and various catfish species including a crystal eyed catfish. They also managed to catch a number of amazon redtails and a good sized yellow catfish.
Ian from Pattaya fishing tours came up with Jason Wymer and another mate from Pattaya. Ian managed to break three pb's being Amazon redtail, rohu and Siamese carp and Jason had a cracking rohu around the 30lb mark, as well as his first ever soldier river barb. They also caught several other species including pacu and a stingray.
Mike Bailey came up for day and finally got himself a potential IGFA record with this Thai Catfish Shark (helicophagus leptorhynchus) smashing the current record of 6.60kg with an 11.05kg specimen. He also caught a variety of other species during the day.
David Grimes came up from Hua Hin with a couple of his mates and due to the extremely cold weather the fishing was very hard. Despite this they still had some nice fish including a barred sorubim, a number of amazon redtails, pacu, rohu and a small chao phraya.
Marcus enjoyed his visit to Palm Tree catching a stingray, wallago attu and some amazon redtails in spite of the cold conditions.
Fish East Asia customers Sven and his wife from Germany took a three day carp fishing trip up to Khao Laem Dam. They certainly enjoyed the experience of staying out on a raft amongst the 1000's of islands amid the majestic scenery that makes up Khao Laem Dam. However, the extended cold snap certainly was taking it's toll, making the fishing even more difficult than it had even been the previous week, with Sven only managing to catch a few yellow catfish and tilapia.