Palm Tree Lagoon - Latest Customer Catches May 2014 


  Archived Catch Reports:

Andrew Harman came to Palm Tree with his number one priority to join the Palm Tree 150 club.this time he was unsuccessful but he did catch two other Siamese carp over the 100 lb mark. The best fish of the trip though was undoubtedly a 68kg chao phraya catfish that exceeds the current IGFA record. In addition to this he also caught mekong catfish, Chinese bighead carp, some awesome black shark minnows, bony lipped barb, wallago leeri, wallago attu, some huge Thai reftailed catfish, striped snakehead, black ear catfish, arapaiama, tambacqui, African walking catfish, clown featherback and a swag of Amazon redtails. He vowed to come back in June to further persue his quarry.
Fishing Khao Lak customers Carlos Lopez and Joseph Hulin had a big fish day at Palm Tree. Firstly Carlos joined the Palm Tree 150 club with a monster Siamese carp (well over the current IGFA record), and then Joseph caught a 136kg mekong catfish (also well exceeding the current IGFA record) which took over three hours to land. In additional to these two monster fish they also caught a number of Amazon redtails, tambaqui, rohu and catfish shark.
The 'Mekong Man' Stretton Honon returned on his biannual fishing trip to Thailand. As usual he was pleased to catch an obligatory mekong his favourite species (and sucker for punishment some would say). In addition he caught three new species for him a 37lb+ Juliens Golden price carp, an elephant ear gourami and a yellow catfish. He also caught a myriad of other species that included tambaqui, Amazon redtail catfish, arapaima, Siamese carp, chao phraya, clown featherback, pacu and African walking catfish.
Regular Thomas Engberts returned with new angling mates Vince Stofa and Jay Scarbrough. As usual Thomas and Co had a hectic day catching Siamese carp, mekong catfish, a number of Amazon redtail, ripsaw catfish, chao phraya catfish, alligator gar and more....
Swedish angler Tommy Tonnesen enjoyed a great time at Palm Tree landing a variety of good fish. These included African walking catfish, Amazon redtail, mekong catfish, Chinese bighead carp, albino striped catfish, alligator gar, chao phraya catish, tambaqui had striped catfish. At the end of his trip he caught two hard fighting Siamese carp in quick succession and was too tired to get in the water to photograph the second one, so Mr Conn obliged and posed in the photo on Tommy's behalf.
Mike Bailley yet again visited Palm Tree during the month and finally joined the Palm Tree Lagoon 150 Club with a 152 lb Siamese carp. As well as this he also caught some other Siamese carp, a couple of mekong catfish and a tambaqui.
Ash Cheshire made his first trip to Palm Tree and his target was to catch an Amazon redtail catfish and an arapaima. After achieving his goal on the first day he then went on to catch a number of other species including mekong catfish, tambaqui, wallago attu, African walking catfish, redtail x tiger catfish, Siamese carp to 80lb and striped catfish.
Brett Simmons and Chris were back at Palm Tree again and as usual caught a good number of specimen fish. These included Siamese carp, stingray, redtail x tiger catfish, some huge rohu, tambaqui, a number of Thai redtailed and Amazon redtail catfish, chao phraya, giant featherback and one of the biggest clown featherbacks caught to date.
Our annual Russian angler visited us again this month. He was really after a big arapaima but had to settle for a large number of Siamese carp, Amazon redtails, pacu, black shark minnow, and chao phraya to name a few...
David Grimes the only angler ever to blank and get a free day at Palm Tree returned for another go  with two buddies. This time they caught a number of good fish including Thai redtailed catfish, Amazon redtail catfish, tambaqui, arapaima, crystal eyed catfish and more...
Tim went on the punched bread and became the first person to catch a Salween catfish out of Palm Tree. Other species that also fell to the punch were Kali Rohu and giraffe catfish. As well as this he had a good sized giant featherback when he switched to worms.
The guides as usual also had a dabble during the month catching a swag of good fish that included goonch, wallago leeri, black shark minnow, Siamese carp, bangana behri, mekong catfish, kali rohu, giraffe catfish, Amazon redtail and more...
Khao Lak Fishing Tours customer Dick Gale came to Palm Tree wanting to catch an arapaima and an Amazon redtail catfish. This he succeeded in and in the process also caught catfish shark, tambaqui, striped catfish and Thai catfish shark.
Tim had a go at wild fishing on the river Kwai Noi for goonch catfish, ably guided by Mr Oot. Although a bit early in the season with the river still to colour up he did manage to catch a couple. He also caught a number of other fish species from the raft on worms including a crystal eyed catfish.
.A Japanese angler came with two of his Thai friends and ended up double/triple teaming to land a powerful mekong catfish after an epic battle. They also caught a number of Amazon redtails, tambaqui alligator gar and catfish shark.
Leslie Chong came down with a couple of friends from Malaysia and struggled to get through the feeding tambaqui, and the striped catfish, but they did end up with a good sized giant snakehead.
Two returning customers from Pattaya visited during the month and apart from the usual Amazon redtails they also caught giant featherback, mekong catfish, striped catfish and a huge black ear catfish.