Palm Tree Lagoon - Latest Customer Catches April 2014 


  Archived Catch Reports:

Tony Matthews managed to catch seven arapaima to 400 lb+ during his first visit to Palm Tree. In addition to this he caught a number of other good fish such as mekong catfish, mrigal, Juliens golden price carp, crystal eyed catfish, and Amazon redtails.
Daniel Tan and Serene Lum finally made it to Palm Tree after previously having to cancel after Serene broke her arm. Despite still recovering from her arm injury she still managed to land good sized mekong, Siamese carp and stingray. Daniel also was the third angler for the month to join the Palm Tree 150 club with a massive Siamese carp. They also caught a number of other species between them which included arapaima, Atlantic tarpon, Amazon redtail catfish, tambaqui and more mekong.
Andrew John Wakefield continues to tick fish off his bucket list at Palm Tree and this visit was no exception firstly catching a specimen 7kg mad barb exceeding the current IGFA record, and then catching a 150 lb+ Siamese carp earning himself membership of the Palm Tree 150 club. In addition to this he caught a 10 kg+ tiger catfish, a good sized mekong, arapaima, Chinese black carp, clown featherback, chao phraya, giant featherback.and a number of Amazon redtails.
Michael Pye made his first visit to Palm Tree one to remember joining the Palm Tree 150 club last knockings on his final day. Apart from this huge Siamese carp he also caught  some more smaller ones as well as Amazon redtail catfish, mekong catfish and arapaima.
Peter Taverner returned to Palm Tree and brought along his mate Chaz Ayres. Pete's main goal was to catch his first arapaima which he successful achieved, and if fact so did Chaz. Chaz's best fish was a 60kg+ chao phraya which he was well pleased with, but his biggest fish was a mekong. They caught a number of new species for them that included giant featherback, marble catfish, crystal eyed catfish and ripsaw catfish. In addition to this they catch a large numbero of redtails, Siamese carp and striped catfish.
Andrew John Wakefield went to Khao Lam Dam with two goals in mind. Firstly to catch a wild wallago attu and secondly to catch a giant snakehead a species which to date has eluded him. He was successful on both counts catching a 10.5kg wallago attu and a number of giant snakehead.
John Harvey made one of his regular trips across from Pattaya with old John and another mate. Old John managed to catch an arapiama on waggler fished bread of all things, and they also caught Juliens carp, rohu, more arapaima, Amazon redtail, redtail tiger catfish cross, pacu, and a number of striped catfish.
Barry Watts and his two sons Ben and Alex had a very busy time catching a lot of fish of many different species. This included a number of arapaima and Siamese carp as well as Thai redtail catfish, black shark minnow, Amazon redtails, mekong catfish, rohu, suckermouth catfish, African walking catfish, redtail x tiger catfish, catfish shark and more.
Tim revisited Khao Laem Dam during the month and again caught several wallago attu, giant snakehead and a huge yellow catfish. The lure fishing proved to be slow only managing a couple of striped snakehead on frogs cast hard against the bank.
Jason Cole returned for another visit and was pleased with the two new species he caught namely a vundu catfish and an elephant ear gourami. He also had some good sized pacu, rohu and amazon redtails as well as catfish shark and striped catfish.
Shawn Whatling came down for his first visit to Palm Tree and was off to a good start catching his first ever Arapaima. He also caught a variety of carp species which included black shark minnow, small scale mud carp, rohu and a huge mrigal. In addition he to this he caught a number of catfish species such as Amazon redtail, catfish shark and striped catfish.
Ian Farr had another successful trip to Palm Tree breaking his Chao Phraya, Amazon redtail and Mekong catfish pb's. He also had a new species capturing an elusive cobra snakehead as well as many other species which included arapiama, Siamese carp, African walking catfish, and black shark minnow.
The guides as usual had a go during the month. Best of the catches was a 68kg chao phraya and a 38 lb Juliens golden price carp. Also caught were a number of soldier river barb, crystal eyed catfish, small giant stingray and white edge stingray out of the river in town. In addition they caught a number of other good fish out of Palm Tree which included the rapidly growing vundu, Siamese carp, African walking catfish and Amazon redtail catfish.
Tim went on the punched bread and managed to catch a variety of fish including tambaqui, a lake record tiger catfish, a Chinese black carp, as well as redtail x tiger catfish Siamese carp and a number of others.
A Japanese angle came down to Palm Tree for his first visit and the beaming smile tells the story as he went on to catch a couple of tarpon as well as mekong catfish and striped catfish.
Carlos was all smiles catching a number of fish which included Siamese carp, amazon redtails, wallaho attu, chao phraya catfish and mekong catfish.
Edward Brooke enjoyed his stay at Palm Tree catching arapaima and mekong catfish as well as several other species.
Two customers from Pattaya Fishing Tours had a very busy time at Palm Tree, catching a huge number of amazon redtails as well as Siamese carp, mekong catfish, several Thai redtail catfish, elephant ear gourami, wallago attu, catfish shark and striped catfish. 
Lenny unfortunately had to cut his trip to Palm Tree short but did manage to catch a couple of new species for him in an elephant ear gourami and a wallago attu as well as a pb Thai redtail catfish.
Tap of Bangkok Fishing Guide Service customer was all smiles when he landed a pb mekong and also caught some amazon redtail catfish.
Shigeharu Inouchi brought one of his Japanese customers down for the day and he had a great time catching amazon redtailed catfish, mollyicot, striped catfish and unfortunately lost an arapaima.
Neil Robinson from Khoa Lak Fishing Tours brought down a couple of customer during the month who caught a number of fish including, tambaqui, arapaima, pacu, mollicot, rohu and striped catfish.