Palm Tree Lagoon - Latest Customer Catches June 2014 


  Archived Catch Reports:

Andrew Harman returned to Palm Tree to continue his quest for a 150 lb carp and this time he succeeded, joining the ever expanding Palm Tree Lagoon 150 Club. As with his last trip he also caught a number of good sized Thai redtail catfish. In addition to this he caught a swag of other fish including several new species such as Atlantic tarpon and pb's that included rohu. He also caught mekong catfish, arapaima, catfish shark, mollycot, chao phraya, Amazon redtail, crystal eyed catfish, Chinese bighead carp, striped catfish, ripsaw catfsih and a number of smaller Siamese carp.
Tim also had a good run on the Siamese landing one over the 150 lb mark and two others that went into three figures. He also caught a number of other great fish that included Juliens golden price carp, yellow belly barb, goonch, tambaqui, mekong catfish African walking catfish, ripsaw catfish, rohu, soldier river barb, suckermouth catfish, mollycot, catfish shark, and more to boot.
Karl Howe made his second visit to Palm Tree this year after a slow start he caught a number of great catches including a Chinese black carp a new species for him and a 140lb+ Siamese carp by far his pb to date. He also caught Amazon redtail, tambaqui another new species, pacu, a pb wallago attu, his first giant featherback, a pb clown featherback, Thai redtail catfish, striped catfish and rohu which included a double header.
Jason Goodhand and Barry Charleswoth made their first visit to Palm Tree and Barry was off to a flying start with a 70 lb Siamese carp and a tambaqui. They then went on to catch wallago attu, Amazon redtail catfish, rohu, crystal eyed catfish with Barry leaving the best to last catching a 57kg chao phraya.
Johan Englund made his first visit to Palm Tree from Sweden. His aim was to catch as many species as possible and hopefully catch a decent sized Siamese carp, a big gar and an arapaima. Second fish of the first day was an arapaima so that was one ticked off the list, and at the end of day two he landed an 80 lb and a 90l b Siamese in quick succession so that was target number two full filled on the wish list. Number three on the wish list got ticked off three times as he managed to land a total of three big alligator gar during the stay. From then on it was all about maximizing the number of species, and he went on to catch over 20 species including, yellow belly barb, crystal eyed catfish, giraffe catfish, clown featherback, tambaqui, wallago attu, Thai redtail catfish, giant featherback, soldier river barb, Amazon redtail, mekong catfish, chao phraya, giant featherback, black shark minnow, striped catfish, rohu, mollicot and catfish shark, what a haul.
Matt Smith and Dave Stuart a pair of English anglers currently working in New Zealand revisited Palm Tree. Dave who hadn't fished since he was 14 and his previous biggest fish was a 6 lb carp was not used to the fish pulling so hard but soon got the hang of it with the mekongs on the munch and the average fight time going over the hour mark. They also caught a number of Siamese carp to 80 lb+, some big rohu, black shark minnow, arapaima, Amazon redtail, catla carp, alligator gar, mollicot, catfish shark, chao phraya and a big-Y.
Ian Farr returned to Palm armed with the Urban Baits nutcracker range of boilies and goo. Boilies have never done well at Palm Tree but that was all about to change. Firstly he caught a Juliens carp of 39 lb a species that had up to that point had eluded him. The next day he caught an extremely fat Siamese carp over the 100 lb mark that we had never seen caught before. He then caught a 150 lb+ Siamese carp earning himself his second Palm Tree Lagoon 150 Club t-shirt in the process, a pb tambaqui, mekong catfish and more Siamese carp.


David Sjogelid and his mate brought their two boys down to Palm Tree and had a right belter of a time. The boys caught mekong catfish, redtail x tiger catfish, big Amazon redtail catfish, Siamese carp and rohu. Well done lads.
Regulars Brett Simmonds and Chris were back at Palm Tree again this month. Brett was off to a good start with a 37 lb Juliens carp, a new species for him. He then went on to break his tambaqui pb twice in the same day and then followed this up by breaking his black shark minnow pb, and then caught a number of rohu and Amazon redtail catfish. Chris also had some good catches which included a big pacu and some good sized Amazon redtails, and a large number of striped catfish, mollycot, and catfish shark.
Tap from Bangkok Fishing Guide Service brought a Canadian angler Nathan Millen and two of his Australian mates. Nathan successfully battled a mekong for over an hour. Dane from Quensland had to target species in mind an alligator gar and an arapaima he managed both, but did leave the arapaima to the last minute hooking into it at 10 to 8.They also caught Amazon redtailed catfish and mollycot.
Our regular Japanese angler came down with a couple of friends, and as usual had a great time catching Siamese carp, Juliens carp and tambaqui.
The guides did not fish much during the month spending more time swimming around the lake due to the hot weather. However they did manage to catch an unknown species of barb as well as some nice Amazon redtails and giant featherback. They also ventured out to sea overnight catching a number of barracuda.
Tap form Bangkok Fishing Guide Service brought Australian angler Glen along to Palm Tree. He spent a large part of his day successfully battling mekong catfish, as well as catching giant snakehead, tambaqui, and several amazon redtails, the last of which is pictured with the guide after it unfortunately stabbed Glen in the arm with its pectoral fin.
A couple of Jananese anglers visited PTL for the first time and certainly seemed to enjoy themselves judging by the expression on their faces as they caught Siamese carp, redtail x tiger catfish and a number of Amazon redtail catfish.