Palm Tree Lagoon - Latest Customer Catches March 2014 


  Archived Catch Reports:

Ian Farr revisited Palm Tree in the hope of catching a 100 lb+ Siamese carp. His expectations were well exceeded catching a huge lump of a fish weighing in at 69kg (150lb+). In addition he caught a new pb Chinese bighead carp, a new pb Pacu, a new pb Thai redtail catfish as well as stingray and a number of amazon redtail and striped catfish.
Shaun Skeels after a tough first visit to Palm Tree, this time hit the jackpot this time catching a 65kg Siamese carp, his first ever arapaima, a pb mekong of around 70kg, pacu, Thai redtail catfish and a monsterous Tambaqui.
Pattaya fishing tours customers Matthew Gannon & Daniel Iwaniszewski also got in on the big fish action during the month. The highlight being a 140 lb+ Siamese carp, but they also caught mekong catfish, stingray, rohu, suckermouth catfish, chao phraya, redtail x tiger catfish, pacu, a number of Amazon redtail catfish plus probably our largest striped catfish caught to date.
Swedish angling fanatic Martin Huuhka came to Palm Tree with his brother Markus and their buddy Mikael Lerstrand. They caught a myriad of species during there visit including arapaima, giant snakehead, rohu, suckermouth catfish, a number of Amazon redtail catfish, black shark minnow, catla carp, pacu, black ear catfish, catfish shark, striped catfish, all culminating with Martin catching a 59kg chao phraya catfish just shy of the current IGFA record. Mikael was also unlucky during the stay playing our big mekong catfish for 5 hours before the leviathon finally got the upper hand.
German angler Michael Shneider make his first visit to Palm Tree hoping to catch an arapaima and as many different species as possible. He certainly achieved this catching arapaima, catla carp, Siamese carp, wallago leeri, tambacqi, stingray, pacu, Thai redtail catfish, mekong catfish, rohu, giant featherback,ripsaw catfish, clown featherback, spotted featherback, chao phraya and a number of Amazon redtail and striped catfish. He also caught a 15.2kg rohu well exceeding the pending IGFA world record and a black shark minnow that was just shy of the current IGFA world record. His comment was he will certainly be back again later in the year.
Another pair of Swedish anglers Stefan Blenk and his fishing mate Uffe also made their first trip to Palm Tree during the month. Stefan had fished several times in Thailand before but had never caught an arapaima. They had even made special t-shirs up for the trip 'Slemmicus on tour at Palm Tree Lagoon'. Slemmicus being the name of their fishing club back in Sweden. It wasn't long before both anglers had landed arapaima so the pressure was off. They then went on to catch a number of other species including mekong catfish, giant gourami, Thai redtail catfish, Amazon redtail catfish, rohu and Siamese carp,
Tim carried on his quest during the month to try and break the wallago attu record in the wild. He did manage to catch a couple but unfortunately they were not big enough, however he did manage to catch an eye-spot barb that did exceed the current IGFA record by a fair margin. He also caught a huge number of hampala barb (jungle perch) which were definitely on the munch as well as several giant snakehead.
Tap of Bangkok Fishing Guide Service certainly chose the right days to bring down two of his customers with the fish were well on the munch. They caught a large number of Amazon redtails in addition to arapaima, ripsaw catfish, giraffe catfish, mekong catfish, giant featherback, pacu, rohu, Thai redtail catfish and a very nice soldier river barb.
Daniel George Findlay and his mate Lee Tidy also fished Palm Tree during the month having a great time catching a number of fish which included Siamese carp, stingray and pacu.
Tim again caught a number of species during the month including a wallago leeri, giraffe catfish, Chinese black carp, golden belly barb and a pb giant snakehead of 8.65kg.
The guides as usual also had a go during the month both at Khao Laem Dam and at Palm Tree. They caught a variety of fish including, kali rohu, golden belly barb, tambaqui, Siamese carp, stingray, a huge suckermouth catfish just shy of current IGFA record, and a giraffe catfish which was submitted as a new IGFA record. At Khao Laem they caught giant snakehead, eye-spot barb and hampala barb.
Tim Coakley successfully resumed his quest at Palm Tree during the month for a  wallago attu, he also caught a Thai redtail catfish which was  well over his previous pb, arapaima, and a black shark minnow which equalled the current IGFA record of 6.45kg.
Bang Pong local Tony Kennedy revisited Palm Tree whilst on leave from his job servicing military helicopters in Bahrain. As usual he caught a number of fish including Thai redtailed catfish, Amazon redtail catfish, arapaima, redtail x  tiger catfish cross, and a huge 15kg black ear catfish well over the current IGFA record.
Norwegian angling regular PG was really keen to go to the dam to catch a giant snakehead a species he had never caught before and a wild wallago attu. Although he achieved both his goals the trip was soured when now having caught his target species he showed his true  'Cheap Charlie' side leaving without paying for what could only otherwise be described as a successful trip.
Tap of Bangkok Fishing Guide Service brought two Canadian customers to Palm Tree who enjoyed the experience immensely, catching arapaima, wallago attu, Thai catfish shark and striped catfish.
Mike Bailey continued his quest for world records coming close yet again with a chao phraya of 57kg. He did however manage to break the existing Catfish Shark (pangasius conchophilus) record with a specimen of 7.70 kg more than 5kg above the existing record. 
Darren Stock really came down to catch Siamese carp, although not successful this time he did up his mekong pb and caught a new species for him in the shape of a black ear catfish, as well as catching numerous striped catfish and catfish sharks.
Tap of Bangkok Fishing Guide Service brought one of his customer down to Palm Tree who enjoyed catching a number of Amazon redtails that included a double header with a mrigal, alligator gar, kali rohu and a redtail x tiger catfish.
Dutch angler Thomas returned to Palm Tree with his father and as usual caught a few fish including some Siamese carp and a nice black shark minnow.
Regular Austrian angler Gerhard Posch from Bangkok, had a slow day by his standards but still manged a nice Siamese carp as well as a chao phraya and a suckermouth catfish.
A customer from Fish Siam came to Palm Tree hoping to catch a Siamese carp which he successfully did.
Andrew Stevenson fished on what proved to be a tough day at the office but did manage to catch his first wallago attu and a few striped catfish.