Palm Tree Lagoon - Latest Customer Catches February 2014 


  Archived Catch Reports:

Stephan Dooms ably guided by Ian of Pattaya Fishing Tours had an awesome time at Palm Tree, catching an array of huge fish including a 400lb+ arapaima, a 148lb Siamese carp, a 77lb alligator gar and a 200lb+ mekong catfish. In addition to this he did the wallago double catching an attu and a leeri on the same day. He also caught stingray, pacu, amazon redtail, rohu and mrigal amounting more than 10 pb's in the process.
John (Mr Punch) Harvey, Jason Wymer and their mate also John returned to Palm Tree. The two Johns only carp fished and as well of emptying the fridge of Leo they did achieve a number of good catches. Mr Punch upped his Siamese carp and black shark-minnow pb's again, and also caught some nice pacu and rohu. Whilst Jason upped his rohu pb and caught a couple of new species namely wallago attu and a cracking mad barb well over the current IGFA record.
Steve Avison from Leigh tackle returned to Palm Tree and was later joined by Ray Malay. They caught a number of great catches including mekong catfish, tambaqui, Siamese carp, amazon redtail, mollicot and rohu. Steve caught a number of new species for him including a 42lb (new lake record) Chinese bighead carp, wallago attu, giant featherback, black shark-minnow, soldier river barb and an Atlantic tarpon (another lake record).
Mitch returned to Khao Laem Dam for his second visit this time targeting predators in particular giant snakehead as he had never caught one before, and his second target was to catch a wild wallago attu. He achieved both and caught two more new species into the bargain namely both species of jungle perch the hampala barb and the eye-spot barb.
Matt Welch enjoyed his first visit to Palm Tree catching a variety of species including several new ones for him. The amazon redtail were certainly on the munch and in addition to these he caught ripsaw catfish, giant featherback, gourami, Siamese carp, rohu, clown featherback striped catfish and Thai catfish shark.
Tim had another good session at Palm Tree breaking his Chinese big head carp pb twice in as many hours. He also caught a lot of other species including ripsaw catfish, mrigal, a huge pb pacu of 23kg, crystal eyed catfish, , alligator gar, black shark minnow, Siamese carp, Amazon redtail, soldier river barb, both wallago leeri and attu, and a huge yellow catfish. In addition he had an elephant ear gourami, an albino Chinese bighead carp, large mouth bass and an albino chao phraya which were new species for him.
Pattaya Fishing Tours customer Monn, had a great time showing the guys how it should be done, and had some tiring battles during her visit to Palm Tree especially with Siamese carp and Amazon redtails. She also caught a stunning black shark minnow as well as rohu, chao phraya catfish, suckermouth catfish, striped catfish, catfish shark and the biggest African walking catfish caught out of Palm Tree to date.

Thomas returned to Palm tree with his dad who was over on holiday from the Netherlands. They caught a myriad of different species which were of course all new to Thomas's dad, including mekong catfish, stingray, giant snakehead, African walking catfish, Siamese carp, some stunning Thai redtails beating Thomas's pb, ripsaw catfish, Chinese bighead carp and new species for Thomas a black ear catfish.and a tambaqui.

Mitch returned to Palm Tree and his run of good fortune continued with a number of great catches including wallago leeri, large mouth bass, soldier river barb, and a stunnig catla carp which were all new species for him. As well as bettering his amazon redtail catfish pb twice in a couple of hours. He also caught bighead carp including an albino one, mekong catfish and wallago attu.
Tim returned for another wild fishing trip up to Khao Laem Dam and succeeded in catching a couple of wallago attu and a number of giant snakehead.
Daniel Hazle brought his family down to Palm Tree and they had a cracking time catching a big Thai redtail catfish, Siamese carp, rohu, amazon redtail, striped catfish and an awesome elephant ear gourami.
The guides did a bit of fishing themselves as usual during the month both at Palm Tree and Khao Laem Dam. The wallago attu, giant snakehead and jungle perch proved to be on the feed yet again at the dam, whilst at Palm Tree they caught a variety of fish which included stingray, largemouth bass, golden belly barb and kali rohu.
Terry from the UK revisited Palm Tree and caught a black ear catfish which was a new species for him as well as tambaqui, mekong catfsih and amazon redtail. He also played a big mekong for close to two hours before unfortunately loosing it at the cage.
Tap from Bangkok Fishing Guide Service came down with a client, who enjoyed his day catching stingray, amazon redtails, striped catfish and a rarely caught cobra snakehead.
.Returning customer Karl upped his Siamese carp pb twice, as well as finally catching his first pacu which he did in style with a good sized one. He also landed stingray, rohu, amazon redtails and striped catfish.
Ian from Pattaya Fishing Tours had a dabble whilst guiding some customers and caught a big tarpon, as well as a good sized soldier river barb and a large mouth bass.
Dr Harry returned to Palm Tree with a group of friends but this time the fishing proved to be hard. However, they still managed to catch a number of decent fish such as Thai redtail catfish, tambaqui, mekong catfish, rohu and a number of amazon redtails.
Norwegian regular PG had another good day which include a new species for him a giraffe catfish, as well as a number of pacu, Siamese carp, chao phraya, wallago attu and a number of swai and mollicots.
Regular carp angler John Stevens again managed to catch several Siamese carp.
A family came up from Petchaburi for the day and caught a number of amazon redtails as well as a couple of stingray.
Palm Tree regular Gerhard Posch caught several nice fish including Siamese carp, amazon redtail, wallago attu and a stunning clown featherback.
German guide Waller Kalle brought a couple of his customers down for the day, and they caught a number of Amazon redtail catfish, a catfish shark and a good sized yellow catfish.
Scott Gibbons came down to Palm Tree for the first time and caught several Siamese carp as well as a few striped catfish and mollicots.

John Laird, Todd Patterson and a mate had a few fish on a hard day which included Siamese carp, golden belly barb, Chinese black carp, black ear catfish plus a number of amazon redtails and striped catfish.