Palm Tree Lagoon - Latest Customer Catches July 2014 


  Archived Catch Reports:

Matt Smith and Dave Stewart returned only a month after there last visit. Expectations were high but I am sure Dave did not imagine for one minute that he would be the first angler to do the t-shirt club double in one visit. Firstly he caught a 154lb Siamese carp but was not finished there he then spent almost three hours battling a 302lb mekong catfish. In addition to these fantastic catches they also caught a number of other good sized mekongs, more Siamese carp, tambaqui, ripsaw catfish, rohu, soldier river barb, stingray, black shark minnow, albino striped catfish, pacu, numerous Amazon redtails and a number of other species.
Fanatical angler from Singapore Ian Farr returned to Palm Tree armed with a new bait to try in the form of Urban Baits nutcracker range of boilies, popups and glug. Historically boilies have not done well at Palm Tree but this was all about to change. He opened up his account on the nutcracker popups with a 37lb Juliens carp, a species that had previously eluded him. But it did not stop there he went on to catch 3 Siamese carp over the 150lb mark as well as a number of others, plus 6 mekongs, some more juliens, tambacqui, an 18kg salween rita all on nutcracker popups. He also caught a 33kg goonch, African walking catfish, alligator gar, wallago attu, his first ever giant snakehead, black shark minnow, small scale mudcarp, giant featherback, rohu, tricolour shark minnow, numerous Thai redtail and Amazon redtail catfish and much more...
Keith and Andrew Purton returned for another trip up to Khao Laem Dam to their quest to catch a wallago attu (great white sheatfish) in the wild. This time they were successful catching several fish the biggest one being 22.15kg well over the current IGFA record of 18.6kg. They also managed to catch a few giant snakehead and Thai redtail catfish.
Tap of Bangkok Fishing Guide Service made his final trip to Palm Tree for the month with Cristofre Martin from Grenada. Cristofre thoroughly enjoyed himself catching a number of awesome catches which culminated in him successfully landing a huge 'dog eating catfish' (chao phraya) that exceeded the current IGFA record. He also caught mekong catfish, black ear catfish, rohu, Amazon redtail, and striped catfish.
Tony Kennedy returned on R&R from the middle east., and wanted to particularly catch some new species and a big Siamese carp. This he did in style, with a 120lb+ carp and on the new species front he had a mad barb of around 7kg, easily over the current IGFA record, a good sized giant snakehead and a crystal eyed catfish. He also caught several other Siamese carp as well as pacu, Amazon redtail, tambaqui, wallago attu, mekong catfish and more...
Francois Pineau returned with his lovely wife Vun Sokha and as usual caught a staggering number of fish including some new species for them namely elephant ear gourami, albino striped catfish and crystal eyed catfish. They also caught pacu, rohu, mekong catfish, Siamese carp, tambaqui, Amazon redtail, clown featherback, chao phraya nad more....
Tim got into some of the more unusual species this time at Palm Tree Lagoon catching a 33kg Goonch, a 20.5kg Salween Rita, an 8.2kg salween catfish, a 21.3kg Thai mahseer as well as some Juliens carp, crystal eyed catfish and a yellow catfish.
Peter Taverner returned with Ayres Chaz and Michael Hallida catching a plethora of new species and pb's Between them they caught a myriad of species that included large and clown featherback, wallago attu, tambaqui, mekong catfish, Siamese carp, black shark minnow, Amazon redtail, crystal eyed catfish, some huge rohu and chao phraya catfish.
Australian angler Brad Spencer and his fishing mate made his annual trip to Palm Tree Lagoon.catching a number of nice fish that included Amazon redtail, Siamese carp, rohu, chao phraya, mekong catfish and tambaqui, with their girlfriends also getting in on the action.
Tim went up to Srinakarin Dam for the second time for the month to continue his quest to break the Whisker Sheatfish IGFA world record and this time was potentially successful landing a fish of 6.75kg. He also caught giant featherback to 13kg, striped catfish, big-y catfish, yellow catfish, and almost broke the hampala barb (jungle perch) record with a 3.2kg specimen. There was also a number of smaller fish caught.
Tim Coakley a Palm Tree regular came down for a bit of R&R, catching tambaqui, clown featherback, Thai redtail catfish, ripsaw catfish, rohu and a number of Amazon redtails and striped catfish.
Tap of Bangkok Fishing Guide Service made his first trip for the month to Palm Tree guiding three Australian anglers, Ming Gan, Andre Cheah, Daniel Ng. Between them they caught a number of good fish that included several Siamese carp, black shark minnow, mekong catfish, Amazon redtail, alligator gar, pacu, catfish shark, rohu and striped catfish.
Tap of Bangkok Fishing Guide Service came up for his second trip for the month guiding a husband and wife team. They successfully landed a number of fish which included several mekong catfish, a number of Amazon redtail, clown featherback, Thai redtail catfish, mrigal, African walking catfish and a swamp eel.
A couple of fishing families from Pattaya passed through on their way to Hua Hin. They all had a great time catching a number of fish which included mekong catfish, Amazon redtail catfish and tambaqui.
Tim made his first trip up to Srinakarin Dam since 2008 on a quest to set a new Whisker Sheatfish IGFA world record. Not successful this time but he did manage to catch a few small ones, as well a pb 28kg Thai redtail catfish and a few other small species.
Plathong from Pattaya Fishing Guide came down with her German friends for their first trip to PTL. They caught a number of good fish including several new species such as elephant ear gourami and black shark minnow as well as Siamese carp, Amazon redtails and mekong catfish.
Zbynek Muller and his family from the Czech republic were particularly keen to catch Siamese carp. The father and son team managed to catch one each as well as chao phraya catfish, tambaqui, a huge rohu and mekong catfish.
Dean Taylor just managed to fit in a quick trip down to Palm Tree at the end of his holiday. He had a great time catching redtail x tiger catfish, black ear catfish, rohu, mollicot, several Siamese carp and Amazon redtail.
UK angler Karl Howe made his six monthly visit catching several new species for him namely Atlantic tarpon, nandid tiger perch and a fire eel. He also caught catfish shark, Thai redtail, rohu, African walking catfish and a number of Amazon redtails.
Ron Long from Bangkok returned after a long absence. He caught a pb Juliens carp, a good sized mekong, rohu, tambaqui and a number of Amazon redtails.
The guides also fished a lot during the month catching a number of huge fish in both Palm Tree Lagoon and Khao laem Dam. These included Siamese carp, mad barb, wallago attu, salween rita, salween catfish, mekong catfsih, arapaima, swamp eel,  and many other species.
Carlos Gutierrez returned for his second visit and thoroughly enjoyed his day catching a variety of fish including, mekong catfish, black shark minnow, Thai redtail catfish, chao phraya catfish, some big rohu and Siamese carp.
The Palm Tree Lagoon mad barb record was beaten during the month by a Japanese customer who successfully landed an 8.1kg specimen well over the current IGFA record of 6kg. He also went onto catch Thai redtail catfish and mollicot.
A couple more Japanese customer made their first visit during the month, catching a number of Thai and Amazon redtail catfish, as well as mekong and mollicots.
John Stevens continued his quest for carp and managed a couple of good sized Siamese and rohu.