Palm Tree Lagoon - Latest Customer Catches August 2014 


  Archived Catch Reports:

Phil Pratt and Vicky
Sean from Singapore enjoyed his trip to Palm tree catching some great fish that included a 105lb Siamese carp, a 101lb wallago leeri, tambaqui, giant gourami, arapaima, a rare salween catfish, Thai redtail catfish and Amazon redtail catfish.
Gary Love and Sarah Moody
 Fish Siam Thailand customer Mike from the US landed a once in a lifetime catch with a 156 lb Siamese carp. He also caught Juliens carp, soldier river barb, and several Amazon redtail catfish.
A couple of Japanese anglers were all smiles during their visit to Palm Tree Lagoon this month. Catching a triple figure siamese carp as well as a black ear catfish that was well over the current IGFA record. They also landed Juliens carp, Amazon redtail, giant featherback, black shark minnow, rohu, wallago attu and clown featherback.
The guides had a great month taking full advantage of the low season and getting three big wallago leeri out of Khao Laem Damat 45kg, 47kg and 65kg. They also caught some big chao phraya catfish, set a new potential IGFA Golden Tinfoil Barb record, and caught many other species including ripsaw catfish, Siamese carp, tambaqui, mekong catfish, amazon redtail, leopard catfish and back shark minnow.
Tim had another good session catching another triple figure Siamese as well as some nice Juliens carp, golden belly barb, marble catfish, Amazon redtail and tambaqui.
The Fish East Asia boys Mark Hoye an Stephen Scrutton also came down during the month. Stephen catching his first Chinese Bighead Carp and Mark his first Catla Carp. They also caught pacu, Amazon redtail catfish, ripsaw catfish and tambaqui.
A group of Japanese anglers thouroughly enjoyed there time at Palm Tree catches mekong catfish, tambaqui, catfish shark and arapaima.
Harald Klein and his friend Peter Bretschneider and their families also visited during the month. Between them they landed a variety of species including Siamese carp, mekong catfish, Thai redtail catfish, clown featherback, African walking catfish, catfsh shark, yellow catfish and Amazon redtail catfish.
Our regular Japan Guiding company brought one of his customers for a visit. He successfully landed a number of great fish which included Siamese carp, pacu, Amazon redtail including a double header, tambaqui, leopard catfish, Thai redtail catfish, mekong catfish and arapaima.
Tim Royds returned to Palm Tree during the month and had some nice catches that included wallago attu, black ear catfish, arapaima, Siamese carp, black shark minnow, rohu and a number of Amazon redtail catfish.
Wayne made his first trip with an angling buddy. They had a successful session catching a huge Juliens golden prise carp, arapaima, mekong catfish, crystal eyed catfish, Amazon redtail, alligator gar, marble catfish and tambaqui.
Japanese angler Noburo Muto visited Palm tree during the month and enjoyed his fishing landing a variety of awesome fish that included, ripsaw catfish, tambaqui, clown featherback, catla carp, black shark minnow, African walking catfish, mollycot, Thai redtail catfish, and a number of Amazon catfish.
Sean Skeels returned to PTL with his daughter Millie catching some nice fish as usual that included, a huge bony lipped barb, arapaima, albino striped catfish, black ear catfish, mekong catfish, chao phraya, African walking catfish, pacu, Thai redtail catfish, Amazon redtail and tambaqui.