Palm Tree Lagoon - Latest Customer Catches January 2014 


  Archived Catch Reports:

Returning customer Michael Palmer came to Palm Tree with the aim of catching a Siamese carp over 70lb but he would not have dreamedthat his goal would have exceeded to such an extent, firstly catching a 100lb+ Siamese on the second day and then breaking the lake record with another even bigger Siamese weighing in at 68kg a fraction under 150lb. He also broke his mekong, barred sorubim, redtail catfish, rohu pb's. In addition he caught two new species for him a crystal eyed catfish and an Atlantic tarpon that also exceeded the lake record.
Anthony and Chris came up from Pattaya and managed some nice catches including a number of amazon redtail catfish, arapaima, pacu, Siamese carp, stingray and a soldier river barb that exceeded the current IGFA world record, and vowed to be back next year.
James 'Tubby' Rawle came up from Pattaya for some carp fishing. While waiting for carp runs he whiled away the time waggler fishing worms under his rod tip catching a large number of redtail catfish and a stingray. The carp rods were also busy with 'Tubby' catching a number of rohu and topping bit off with a pb Siamese carp of 100lb 12oz. He dedicated the catch to Danny 'the Danimal' Castleton who had given him the halibut pellets to try.
Fuji Sean came up to Palm Tree on a whim because two of his mates were coming up and had a great time, catching pb's in every species he caught which included several Siamese carp, a number of rohu and redtail catfish, a good sized barred sorubim, a nice Chinese big head carp and topped off with an arapaima. 
Bruce Dale came down to Palm Tree on his annual road trip with a couple of his Dutch friends Hendrik and Job. He has had a habit of catching huge fish on these trips and this year was no exception with Bruce landing a 140lb+ Siamese carp that exceeds the current IGFA record. In addition to this the threesome has a number of other nice fish included several more Siamese carp, mekongs, rohu, spotted featherback, a number of redtail catfish as well as a couple of stunning rarely caught bony lipped barb.
Jut Cole came down to Palm Tree with his girlfriend Bowba and caught a number of nice fish including a couple of new species for him namely an elephant ear gourami and a black ear catfish. They also caught a pb pacu as well as a number of redtail catfish, rohu, Siamese carp and redtail x tiger.
John 'bread punch' Harvey also made the trip up from Pattaya with the intent of beating his rohu record. He managed to top it twice firstly with a fish of 27lb 11oz and then with one of 28lb 4oz. He also went on to beat his Siamese carp and mekong catfish pb's and catch two new species for him namely a stingray and a marble catfish. He also had a number of other good sized rohu and redtail catfish.
Fish East Asia sent there first client's during the month Pete Upperton and a couple of his friends. They had a good time and caught a variety of fish species including, stingray, black ear catfish, redtail catfish, rohu, mekong catfish, pacu, catfish shark and a baby Thail redtail that must have been spawned in the lake.
Matt McPhail from Freshwater Fishing Thailand came up for a bit of fishing.and had a god time catching a number of new species and pb's including mekong catfish, amazon redtail catfish, barred sorubim, giant featherback and rohu.
Geoff Thomasson had two goals in mind when he arrived at Palm Tree to catch an amazon redtail and an arapaima. He managed to achieve both before he had to call it quits because he was unwell.
Neil Hunt another of Pattaya Fishing Tours customers came up by train from Phuket for his fir4st visit to Palm Tree and caught a variety of fish including some good sized pacu, Siamese carp, striped catfish, Thai catfish shark and a new species for him a crystal eyed catfish. We are expecting to see him back again soon.
Danish angler Marc who lives in Petchaburi came up on a couple of trips firstly with a couple of friends and then with his two boys. catching a good sized Thai redtail catfish, a couple of stingray, a number of big rohu and amazon redtail catfish and a couple of plump marble catfish.
Waller-Kalle Fishing Tours brought up three anglers who had a great time catching a variety of species including some huge amazon redtails, big rohu, and a very plump black ear catfish,
Pete Taverner yet another Pattaya resident and yet another Birmingham City supporter made his first visit to Palm Tree, catching several new species and pb's including a good sized barred sorubim, wallago attu, rohu and a monstrous African walking catfish. He also caught a number of rohu and amazon redtails.
Danny 'the Danimal' Castleton was another who make the trip up from Pattaya during the month catching a huge pb pacu, a nice crystal eyed catfish which was also a new species for him as well as a number of amazon redtails, striped catfish and Thai catfish sharks. 
Jakarta resident John Duffy and his mate Steve Bowers from the UK and Tim went up to Khao Laem Dam snakehead and jungle perch fishing with John catching his first giant snakehead. They had several other snakehead as well as a number of both species of jungle perch (hampala barb and eye-spot barb).
Tap of Bangkok Fishing Tours came to Palm tree with some Japanese customers who caught a number of amazon redtail catfish, rohu and striped catfish.
Steve Avison of Leigh Tackle and Ray Malay came down with 'Boy' targeting Siamese carp in particular. Although this species eluded them they did catch a number of amazon redtails, rohu and a clown featherback.
The guides also had a couple of goes during the month both at Palm Tree and Khao Laem Dam catching some nice fish including wallago leeri, amazon redtail, Thai redtail, and a magnificent marble catfish.
Tap of Bangkok Fishing Tours came to Palm tree with a customer who had just had a knee replacement. This did not stop him from catching a number of fish including amazon redtails, chao phraya catfish, striped catfish and a stingray.
A couple of Japanese anglers made a quick visit to Palm tree and caught a number of amazon redtail catfish, Thai redtail catfish and a stingray.
Tap of Bangkok Fishing tours brought an American couple down who caught a number of Thai catfish shark (mollicot), catfish shark (pla sayu), and striped catfish (pla swai) as well as the usual redtail catfish. They were also very unlucky loosing a couple of Siamese carp after lengthy fights.