Palm Tree Lagoon - Latest Customer Catches December 2017


  Archived Catch Reports:

What a session Palm Tree regular Dave Byott catching not one but three Mekong catfish over the 300lb mark to earn himself three BIG Catfish Club t-shirts. In addition to this he also caught a number of other superb specimens including arapaima, wallago attu, Juliens golden price carp, alligator gar, Chao phraya catfish,  both Amazon and Asian redtail and more...
Austrian angler Stephan returned and had a great session the highlight of which was catching a very hard to catch marble catfish and a rare Salween rita catfish. In addition to this he also gained himself a Palm Tree Lagoon 300lb Catfish Club t-shirt courtesy of the friendly Mekong which he battled for over two hours, as well as giant gourami, wallago attu, alligator gar, Juliens golden price carp, tambaqui, Amazon redtail and more...
Adrian Hancock was back after a lengthy absence and wasted little time getting back into the thick of things. catching a number of Mekong catfish to over 300lb and joining the Palm Tree Lagoon BIG Catfish Club in the process. He also caught wallago attu, pacu, Siamese carp, striped catfish, as well as both Amazon and Asian redtail.
Eddie Grey also thoroughly enjoyed his first visit to Palm Tree catching the friendly Mekong not once but twice to earn himself two PTL BIG Catfish Club t-shirts. The first capture only lasted for forty minutes, however, the second battle went well over the three hour mark. However, the best catch of the session was an awesome mad barb. In addition to these he also caught wallago attu, alligator gar, striped catfish, Amazon redtail and more...
Two more Palm Tree Lagoon 300lb Catfish Club t-shirts for Cenk Durakal following two marathon battle of three and five hour durations firstly with a 380lb Mekong catfish and then with a 320lb Mekong catfish. He also caught some other superb species such as crystal eyed catfish, tambaqui, chao phraya catfish, Juliens golden price carp, Amazon redtail and more...
James Mcenroe accompanied regular Dave Byott for his first visit and caught some great catches that included Siamese carp to 130lb, a three hour battle that resulted in him successfully landing a 400lb+ Mekong Catfish and earning him membership of the PTL BIG Catfish Club in the process.He also caught, striped catfish, alligator gar, black ear catfish, pacu, vundu catfish as well as both Amazon and Asian redtail.
Austrian angler Chris Durakall also returned during the month for a busy session in which he caught a superb albino pacu, arapaima, Juliens golden price carp, tambaqui, caught another 300lb+ Mekong catfish to get his second BIG Catfish Club t-shirt in two years, Siamese carp, striped catfish, yellow catfish, giant gourami, and Amazon redtail.
Roman Marlon flew in from Dubai for his second visit and had another great session catching arapaima, black shark minnow, bearded labeo, Chinese silver carp, giant gourami, tambaqui, yellow catfish, Mekong catfish, vundu catfish, striped catfish, rohu, catfish shark, as well as both Amazon and Asian redail.
Dolf Van Eijk returned smashing his Mekong catfish pb with a 380lb t-shirter as well as catching Amazon redtail, and catfish shark.
Jamie Metcalfe enjoyed his first session at Palm tree surpassing his goal of catching a 100lb+ fish with a Mekong catfish as well as catching Chinese bighead carp, rohu, striped catfish, and both Amazon and Asian redtail.
Matthew King and his two sons had a great inaugural session and have already booked up there return as they landed a number of great fish including the friendly Mekong that automatically qualified them for the PTL BIG Catfish Club, as well as Siamese carp, Juliens golden price carp, African walking catfish, black shark minnow, alligator gar, rohu, mollycot, as well as both Amazon and Thai redtail.
Regular Tom Raven returned and had another god session topped off by an impressive Chinese bighead carp as well as African walking catfish, Siamese carp and Amazon redtail.
Tim got the waggler rods out fishing worms and bread flake caught a variety of species that included Siamese carp, whisker sheatfish, Indochina featherback, albino featherback, motoro stingray and Amazon redtail.
Karl Narfstrom returned for another great session that included some superb catch such as Juliens golden price carp, wallago attu, Siamese carp, Mekong catfish, rohu, striped catfish, African walking catfish, leopard catfish, as well as both Amazon and Asian redtailo.
First timer Gareth Taylor was also in the fish with Siamese carp, tambaqui, black shark minnow, African walking catfish, Mekong catfish, and striped catfish.
Another newcomer Mike Myers caught some impressive redtail catfish as well as Mekong catfish, Big-Y catfish, a huge striped catfish, and Asian redtail.
Steven Birch made his first visit to Palm Tree during the month successfully joining the 300lb Catfish Club after a prolonged battle as well as catching a number of other great catches like albino pacu, black shark minnow, Siamese carp, leopard catfish, catfish shark, striped catfish, big-Y catfish and Amazon redtail.
Ste White was back with a couple of his mates from Pattaya and they had some nice catches that include alligator gar, black ear catfish, Siamese carp, wallago attu, mrigal, chao phraya catfish and Mekong catfish.
The guides also had a dabble catching whisker sheatfush, black shark minnow, Mekong catfish and mad barb.
Palm Tree regular Gavin Hope returned for another great session catching giant snakehead and mrigal both new species for him as well as Juliens golden price carp, black shark minnow, Mekong catfish, crystal eyed catfish, striped catfish, alligator gar, African walking catfish, crystal eyed catfish, catfish shark as well as both Asian and Amazon catfish.
Gerhard Posch was another angler to return after a prolonged absence this time with a group of Spanish friends. They had a good day topped off by a 300lb+ Mekong catfish, as well as landing pacu, Amazon redtail and leopard catfish.
Barry Watts returned with his sons Alex and Ben after a lengthy absence, and were soon back in the swing of things catching Mekong catfish, mollycot, Juliens golden price carp, wallago attu, mrigal as well as both Asian and Amazon redtail.


Colin Timbrell returned and his main target was Siamese carp having never seen one in the flesh, and he was in luck catching his quarry as well as Amazon redtail.
German angler Reimund Muller and his fishing pal were back for their annual visit catching a pb alligator gar as well as Amazon and Asian redtails 
Only a wallago attu for David Sandlin on what turned out to be a hard day for fishing.