Palm Tree Lagoon - Latest Customer Catches January 2015


  Archived Catch Reports:

The BFW Team from Malaysia made there first trip to Palm Tree and what a memorable one it was that was topped off by catching a 300lb+ mekong catfish as well as a couple of awesome 100lb+ Siamese carp.  In addition to this they also caught black ear catfish, big-Y catfish, mekong catfish, both Thai and Amazon redtails, ripsaw catfish, African walking catfish, chao phraya and more....
Matt's target was to beat his Siamese carp pb which he did in style becoming the second person for the month to join the Palm Tree 150lb Carp Club. In addition he also caught some impressive mekongs, tambaqui, ripsaw catfish, wallago attu, black shark minnow, catfish shark, albino stiped catfish and mollicot also firsts, as well as Thai redtailed catfish, Amazon redtails, rohu and striped catfish. 
MichaelPalmer returned to Palm Tree for his annual fishing adventure this time with his mate Gary.He was off to a good start getting a ripsaw catfish which was on his wish list. He went onto to catch Siamese carp, Amazon and Thai redtailed catfish and finished it off in style by joining the ever increasing group of anglers in the Palm Tree 300lb Catfish club after successfully winning an epic two hour battle with an awesome mekong catfish.
Robert Butler was off too a flyer with not only joining the Palm Tree 150lb Carp Club but also catching three other 100lb+ carp in one afternoon in a swim vacated by Marc Kenna a few hours earlier. In addition to these four awesome carp he also landed giant featherback, rohu, black shark minnow, catfish shark, striped catfish and a number of Amazon redtails.
Mert and Murat twin brothers from Turkey who now reside in Oman also made there first visit to Palm Tree during the month. They caught a huge variety of impressive catches that included the likes of Chinese highfin catfish, chao phraya, Siamese carp, big-Y, rohu, Thai and Amazon redtails, tambaqui, tiger catfish, yellow catfish and more... They also played a huge mekong for a record breking seven hours before loosing it; bad luck guys.
Richard who has fished a lot in Thailand wanted in particular to catch some species he hadn't caught before. Three of them on the list that he got were black shark minnow, wallago attu and giant snakehead. But he also caught four others that he didn't even know existed namely yellow catfish, mollycot, crystal eyed catfish and catfish shark. He also caught barramundi, striped catfish, Thai and Amazon redtailed catfish , tambaqui and smashed his pacu pb with a colossal specimen.
Peter Gardiner and his fishing mate Kev made there debut at Palm Tree catching a number of new species for them that included wallago attu, albino striped catfish, catfish shark, and a huge 16kg mollycot 5kg above the current IGFA world record. They also caught some stunning Amazon redtails as well as mekong catfish, rohu, Siamese carp and striped catfish.
Richard Clarke and Matt had a great session down at the Palm Tree Barra Ponds catching a number of barramundi up to 12kg.
Dimitris Makris was certainly enjoying catching a wide variety of species many of which were new to him or pb's. He caught some great fish such as wallaho attu, mekong catfish, black shark minnow, rohu, barred sorubim, black ear catfish, alligator gar, Amazon redtails and many more...
James Fox had a successful day catching Giant Freshwater Stingray on the Mae Klong River. 
Another happy Japanese customer at Palm Tree; this was hardly surprising after he joined the Palm Tree 300lb Catfish club after an epic battle lasting just over two hours. He also caught some Amazon redtails.
Peter Gardiner and Kev enjoyed a successful session down at the Palm Tree Barra Ponds.
Palm Tree newcomer James Fox just couldn't get that grin off his face all day, catching numerous awesome catches such as mekong catfish, wallago attu, rohu, striped catfish, catfish shark as well as both Thai and Amazon redtails.
Tap of Bangkok Fishing Guide Service was back at Palm Tree and with his customer and caught a number of fantastic catches that included mekong catfish, Thai and Amazon redtailed catfish, Siamese carp, soldier river barb and giraffe catfish.
MarkBrett who hadn't fished for years thoroughly enjoyed his time at Palm Tree catching a number of fish which were all new species to him that included black shark minnow, mekong catfish, big-Y, catfish shark, mollycot, striped catfish and an awesome Amazon redtail.
Anthony Norton returned any just couldn't get through the Amazon redtail catfish catching some impressive specimens, he did manage to get a wallgo attu as well in the end though.


Tim was also into the barra both at Palm Tree and at the Palm tree barra ponds. He also caught several other less commonly caught species such as wallago leeri, Chinese highfin catfish and a giraffe catfish. He also has some success on the prebaited swim on the Mae Klong river catching bearded labeo and bony lipped barb.
Harry Sandu and friends returned to Palm Tree for News Years Day, once they finally arrived after over sleeping due to heavy celebrations the night before. They caught a number of both Amazon and Thai redtailed catfish along with albino striped catfish and a chao phraya.
Benny after catching some nice Barramundi out of the Palm Tree barra ponds, fished the Mae Klong river at a spot she had been prebaiting and caught a number of bony lipped barb and bearded labeo that broke the existing IGFA all tackle records.
A group of young Japanese anglers were all smiles at Palm Tree catching a variety of great catches that included a huge pacu, a massive striped catfish, catfish sharks, black ear catfish and Amazon redtails.
A goup of fishing friends came down to Palm Tree through Fish East Asia and managed to catch some Siamese carp, a large alligator gar, catfish sharks and striped catfish.
Thai fishing guide Bad Boy guided a customer who caught some great fish that included Thai redtail catfish, mekong catfish and African walking catfish.
Daniel Costin was another first timer at Palm Tree this month catching some awesome mekongs along with tambaqui and Amazon redtails.
A group of anglers came down in a minibus with a Thai fishing guide from Pattaya. They caught a number of big black shark minnows as well as Amazon redtails, ripsaw catfish, albino striped catfish and catfish sharks.
Neil Thompson and Mark Smith had several nice catches that included a number of Amazon redtails, rohu, clown featherback and black ear catfish.
Tap of Bangkok Fishing Guide Service brought Adam James down with him and he caught his target fish which was an Amazon redtail with only ten minutes to spare, he also caught a mollycot and a spotted Featrerback.
Ian Smith was also back, catching a pb pacu as well as a couple of good sized mekong 
Jason Goodhand returned to Palm Tree during the month with his fishing mate Daz Hant, the Amazon redtails were certainly on the feed and they also caught some catfish shark, clown featherback and a black ear catfish.
David Brewster and Alan Jones made there way up from Cha-Am and caught some mollycot which were new species for them as well as some Amazon redtails.
First time angler Gautier caught an impressively fat catfish shark as well as a Siamese carp and an alligator gar.
Returning customer Matt Smith caught a pb African walking catfish and some nice redtail catfish as well as a number of striped catfish.
David Sandlin toughed it out and was finally rewarded with this stunning redtail.
MarcKenna only stayed a couple of hours and decided he didn't like it and then tried unsuccessfully to leave without paying, even though he had caught a couple of catfish sharks over the current IGFA record. Maybe rueing the decision now though as Robert Butler moved into his vacated swim in the afternoon and caught a 156lb Siamese carp plus three others over the 100lb mark in six hours.