Palm Tree Lagoon - Latest Customer Catches April 2018


  Archived Catch Reports:

Legendary carp angler Terry Eustace returned for another session.which was topped by him catching his 14th career Siamese carp over the 100lb mark. In addition to this he also caught a stunning tambaqui and his first black Amazon redtailed catfish. He also landed a variety of other species that included a chunky Mekong catfish, wallago attu, rohu, Juliens golden price carp, leopard catfish, chao phraya catfish, suckermouth catfish, Chinese bighead carp, Asian redtailed catfish and more...
Dutch angler Albert Van Der Heijden certainly had a first visit to Palm Tree Lagoon that he won't forget in a hurry the highlight being landing a monstrous Siamese carp earning himself a Palm Tree Lagoon BIG Carp Club members t-shirt in the process.He didn't stop there going on to catch some other stunning species that included barred sorubim, Chinese bighead carp, a rare elephant ear gourami, Mekong catfish, leopard catfish, mrigal, striped catfish, mollycot, as wellas both Asian and Amazon redtail.
The biggest fish of the month was caught by a female Japanese angling enthusiast this being a more than awesome Mekong catfish of 380lbs catapulting her straight into the Palm Tree Lagoon BIG Catfish Club. They also caught Amazon redtail.
Michael Shneider was back and it wasn't long before he was into a monstrous Siamese carp netting his second Palm Tree Lagoon BIG Carp Club t-shirt in the process. He also caught suckermouth catfish, Asian redtail, chaso phraya catfish and more...
Tap of Bangkok Fishing Guide Service first visit of the month was with return customer -Vegas Apte who had his best session yet, smashing his Siamese carp pb with a 180lb monster and gaining Palm Tree Lagoon BIG Carp Club membership in the process. He also caught wallago attu a new species for him as well as rohu, motoro stingray, and yellow catfish which was also a new species for him.
Richard Carlson returned and this time finally got the fish right at the top of his bucket list a ripsaw catfish. In addition to this wonderful catch he also landed a number of other superb species that included a pb Siamese carp, black shark minnow, wallago attu, chao phraya catfish, rohu, striped catfish, as well as both Thai and Amazon redtail.
Roy Redhead returned and was over the moon as he smashed his Siamese carp pb joining the Palm Tree Lagoon BIG Carp Club in the process. He also caught Amazon and Asian redtailed catfish.
Danny Rogers first trip to Palm Tree resulted in him joining the Palm Tree Lagoon BIG Chao Phraya Club after a high speed forty minute battle with an awesome 'Dogeater'. He also caught Asian redtail, mrigal and striped catfish.
The guides were at it again during the month catching some stunning catches that included Juliens golden price carp, Siamese carp, Mekong catfish, rohu, Salween rita, Chinese silver carp, albino pacu, Chinese bighead carp, Amazon redtail, chao phraya catfish, Asian redtail, and many more...
What a great inaugural session Leon Swift had catching a wide variety of species that included a rare Salween rita catfish and a superb albino striped catfish as well as not one but two Mekong catfish over the 300lb mark getting him 2 BIG Catfish Club t-shirts. He also caught vundu catfish, Juliens golden price carp, Siamese carp, leopard catfish, bearded labeo, and Amazon redtail.
Mr Punch aka John Harvey returned landing several nice catches that included a pb Mekong catfish, a superb pb black shark minnow and a two toned albino catfish shark that had never been caught or even seen before, as well as a number of Amazon redtail.
Steve Greenway returned this time with a couple of fishing mates upping his Mekong catfish pb and in the process getting his 2nd BIG Catfish Club t-shirt. They also caught a myriad of other species like Siamese carp, chao phraya catfish, big-Y catfish, alligator gar, rohu,, mollycot, as well as both Amazon and Asian redtail.
Jimmy Walker Tawana went up to Khao Laem Dam with Benny. Although the fishing was slow he did catch some giant snakehead and yellow catfish as well as enjoying a bit of sight seeing.
Jennifer Swift thoroughly enjoyed her first visit to Palm Tree Lagoon catching Juliens golden price carp, black shark minnow, striped catfish, Mekong catfish, Siamese carp and rohu.

Lewis Bastin returned catching a variety of species that included a rarely caught striped snakehead, wallago attu, molllycot, chao phraya catfish, suckermouth catfish, alligator gar, yellow catfish, leopard catfish, Siamese carp and the friendly Mekong catfish that earned him a Palm Tree Lagoon BIG Catfish Club t-shirt.


New Zealand angler Jmmy Walker Tawana was all smiles with his catches of Siamese carp, Mekong catfish, wallago attu, striped catfish, and Amazon redtail.
Tony Lock returned after a long absence landing a stunning 23lb black shark minnow, as well as Amazon redtail, rohu, leopard catfish, mollycot and Asian redtailed catfish.
Andrew Cooper was another angler who made the trip up from Pattaya catching Siamese carp, black shark minnow and striped catfish.
Japanese anglers Ryunosuke Hirolke and his fishing buddy seemed happy with their catches of a very chunky Amazon redtail, albino pacu, black shark minnow, Asian redtailed catfish, and Mekong catfish.
Wayne Murray returned for one of his bi-annual visits catching Siamese carp, Mekong catfish, a plump rohu and more...
First time angler Patrick Roche landed Mekong catfish, Siamese carp and an Amazon motoro stingray.
John Bennett and his fishing mate Titch made there way up from Pattaya for their first Palm Tree session catching a number of Amazon Redtail and Siamese carp.


Tap of Bangkok Fishing Guide Service brought his second customer down for the month and he successfully caught some Mekong catfish and Amazon redtail.
Rex Heithersay tried his luck for a couple of hours a caught a nice Amazon redtail.