Palm Tree Lagoon - Latest Customer Catches May 2018


  Archived Catch Reports:

Jamie Rich finally made it to Palm Tree Lagoon and what a great session he had.catching a number of new species and pb's topped off by a 73lb Juliens golden price carp and a 65lb Chinese silver carp caught 30 minutes apart as well as wallago attu and vundu catfish. Other pbs included black shark minnow, albino pacu, catla carp and mrigal. He then went on to land a number of other superb fish that included the likes of Siamese carp, striped catfish, catfish shark, suckermouth catfish, as well as both Asian and Amazon redtail.
You can't keep Colin Gawthorpe away and it wasn't long before he added yet another BIG Carp Club t-shirt to his collection. He also caught some awesome pbs that included a lake record Chinese black carp,, Chinese bighead carp, chao phraya catfish, vundu catfish and a rare Salween rita catfish which was also a new species for him. He didn't stop there also landing rohu, Juliens golden price carp, leopard catfish, a huge striped catfish, wallago attu, some big alligator gar, both Asian and Amazon catfish and more...
Nathan Samuels returned after an 18 month absence and seemed intent on emptying the lake. He was yet another angler to join both the Palm Tree Lagoon BIG Carp and BIG Catfish Clubs in the same session. In addition to this he caught a huge number of other great catches that included chao phraya catfish, ripsaw catfish, yellow catfish, allihator gar, rohu, black ear catfish, wallago attu, both Amazon and Asian catfish and many more...
Another first time angler during the month was Kristo Post who has an impressive first session joining both the BIG Carp and BIG Catfish Clubs at his first attempt. He also landed tambaqui, Asian redtail and more...
President of the All India Game Fishing Association Santosh Kolwankar and three of his angling buddies came to Palm Tree on a mission to catch a carp or catfish over the magical 100lb mark. Well they certainly exceeded all expectations here, not only catching the friendly Mekong but also becoming only the second customers to catch the BIG Siamese Carp that was stocked at 222lb in August 2016 and definitely looked fatter now. Apart from these great achievements of joining both the Catfish and Carp BIG Fish Clubs they also caught more Siamese carp and Mekong catfish as well as Amazon redtail.
Thanh Nguyen,  CJ Tran and another angling buddy came with arapaijma right at the top of their bucket list. So they were over the moon when they landed one as were they with their capture of the friendly Mekong and an alligator gar that escaped before it could be photographed.
Mick Abbott was another angler to join the ever expanding Palm Tree Lagoon BIG Catfish Club after successfully enduring a two hour long battle with a Mekong catfish. He also caught wallago attu, and Siamese carp.
Barry Charlesworth was back smashing his Siamese carp pb as well as landing a pb pacu, chao phray catfish, rohu and both Asian and Amazon redtail.
Another bi-annual visitor David Ferguson finally caught the arapaima he had been after for a while. In addition he also caught a pb Mekong catfish as well as Siamese carp, rohu, Asian redtail and more...
Tim had a dabble this month as well catching a number of arapaima as well as a mint Siamese carp, Mekong catfish, yellow catfish, wallago attu, Asian redtail, and more...
Derek Ewing was back for his bi-annual visit catching his first Palm Tree arapaima as well as a superb pb rohu, striped catfish, Chinese bighead carp and alligator gar both new species for him, Siamese carp and catfish shark.
Ian and Kevin White returned for their annual pilgrimage again catching some superb specimens that included Chinese bighead carp and mrigal both new species for them, a pb Mekong catfish and Siamese carp.
The guides were at it again during the month catching some stunning specimens that included Chinese silver carp, alligator gar, rohu, Siamese carp, chao phraya catfish, Mekong catfish and wallago attu.
Luke Thompson produced catches of Juliens golden price carp, Siamese carp, rohu and Amazon redtail.
Spanish angler David Martin made his first visit and was happy with his catches of Amazon redtail and Siamese carp.
The ever smiling Jason Goodhand also returned during the month catching Siamese carp and a number of Amazon redtail.
Tony Walsh came for his first visit and the one thing right at the top of his bucket list was to catch a 100lb+ Mekong catfish which he achieved after a two hour battle with the friendly Mekong joining the 300lb+ catfish club in the process.
Tom Raven was back for another visit catching a number of Siamese carp as well as rohu and Amazon redtail and striped catfish.
Fish Siam customer Mike Hubbard was unlucky to loose one of the big Mekong catfish after playing it for more than two hours. However, he did last a smaller Mekong catfish and Siamese carp.
Maiko Futada and fishing friends were all smiles with their catches of Mekong catfish, Siamese carp, leopard catfish, striped catfish and Asian redtail.
Fishing Guide Somchai Jiraknon brought a couple of customers to Palm Tree for the day and they landed vundu catfish and Siamese carp.
Ronald Thia returned this time with a couple of fishing buddies and between them they caught Siamese carp, tambaqui, Mekong catfish as well as both Asian and Amazon redtail.


Neil Thompson returned during the month landing mrigal as well as both Asian and Amazon redtail.
Japanese angler Yuki Watanabe enjoyed his day at Palm Tree catching Siamese carp and rohu.
Steve Austin and his two fishing mates were unlucky playing a big Mekong catfish for 90 minutes before it shook the hook. Steve then caught a mrigal and with ten minutes to go they hooked into another Mekong catfish which this time they successfully landed.
Dufero Tilek and Ade Ucox were happy with their catches of Siamese carp and Asian redtail.
First time customer Andrew Wood was also having a slow day but eventually caught Thai redtail and striped catfish.
It was a tough session for Palm Tree regular Neil Hobson but he did finally manage to catch a couple of Asian redtails.