Palm Tree Lagoon - Latest Customer Catches April 2017


  Archived Catch Reports:

Ste White's inaugural session at Palm Tree was certainly one to remember by amazingly equalling Mr Mekong himself Stretton Honor's record set last year of catching three Palm Tree Lagoon BIG Catfish qualifying fish in a week. Not only that he caught two of them a 400lb monster and another giant 330lber in the same day. He then caught the same 330lber a couple of days later and as Mr Mekong would say "...more than awesome". In addition to these mega achievement's he caught a number of other great fish such as tiger catfish, black shark minnow, striped catfish, catfish shark, parapatinga, bearded labeo, clown featherback, Siamese carp, big-Y catfish and Amazon redtail.
Wayne Murray returned yet again; and he was another angler to have a really rewarding session as he finally caught not one but four Juliens golden price carp, a species that had eluded him for years. For an angler who has fished Palm Tree on a number of occasions he could not believe how many new species he caught this time in addition to the Juliens golden price carp, such as Salween rita, Chinese black carp, mad barb, yellow catfish, black ear catfish, Thai walking catfish. He also caught a number of old friends that included alligator gar, Mekong catfish, wallago attu, a 135lb Siamese carp, (the same one he had also caught on the last two visits but it has grown some what...,) both Asian and Amazon redtail and much more...
Donald McMillan can't stay away form Palm Tree these days and this visit turned out to be his most successful by far. He joined the Palm Tree Lagoon Big Catfish Club not once but twice landing two huge Mekong catfish weighing 330lb and 380lb only two days apart after lengthy battles of 4 hours and two and a half hours receptively. As well as this great achievement he caught two species at the top of his wish list namely ripsaw catfish and Juliens golden price carp and two more which would have been on the list if he had known of it's existence a red shark minnow and an elephant ear gourami. In addition he caught a myriad of other species that included arapiama, rohu, alligator gar, Chao Phraya catfish, black shark minnow, mrigal, wallago attu, Siamese carp, crystal eyed catfish as well as both Asian and Amazon retails and more...
Richard Carlson was well impressed with his session catching four new species topped off by a magnificent Salween rita catfish, as well as giraffe catfish, black shark minnow and pacu. He also caught two new pb's in the form of Mekong catfish and Amazon redtail as well as catching Asian redtail and more...
Regular angler Tim also had a good session that was topped off by an awesome pb Chines black carp. Other catches included arapaima, vundu catfish, chao phraya catfish, Juilkiens golden price carp, Mekong catfish, wallago attu, rohu, both Amazon and Thai redtails and more...
Jaso Bolton's mate Hunter Withers accompanied him for his first session at Palm Tree and what a first session it turned out to be as he caught an wide variety of fish that included some rarer species like catla carp and vundu catfish. He also caught arapaima, Juliens golden price carp, Mekong catfish, pacu, as well as a number of both Amazon and Asian redtail.
Jason Bolton was back and was soon into the fish catching some very impressive Juliens golden price carp as well as wallago attu, Siamese carp rohu, catfish shark, mrigal a new species for him as well as both Asian and Amazon redtail.
Peter Taverner was certainly catching some of the rarer Palm Tree species specifically a marble catfish followed up by the gourami double comprising of both the rare elephant ear gourami and the more common but still elusive giant gourami. He also smashed his arapaima pb and also caught rohu, Juliens golden price carp, pacu, and Amazon redtails.
Eric Roberts was back and didn't waste any time getting into some cracking fish such as black shark minnow, some awesome Juliens golden price carp, mrigal, pacu, leopard catfish, Amazon and Asian redtails, all topped off by a successful three hour marathon battle with a 330lb Mekong Catfish earning him a Palm Tree Lagoon BIG Catfish Club t-shirt.
Rich Waters joined returning angling buddy Eric Roberts for his first visit, and what a great first visit it turned out to be with him catching a number of awesome catches that included several big Juliens golden price carp to 55lb, Melong catfish, Siamese carp, striped catfish, crystal eyed catfish, rohu, as well as both Amazon and Asian redtail.
Rob Verburg made his first visit to Palm Tree during the month catching a number of different species, the pinnacle of which was an elusive ripsaw catfish, as well as this he landed tambaqui, Juliens golden price carp, giant gourami, black shark minnow, rohu, striped catfish and some chunky Amazon redtail.
Carl Blanchley also returned during the month and caught some great fish topped off by a rare elephant ear gourami. He also a variety of other superb species such as Mekong catfish, alligator gar, catfish shark, Siamese carp, striped catfish, rohu, mollycot, as well as both Thai and Amazon redtail.
James 'Tubby' Rawle balso made the journey across from Pattaya during the month, having a great time catch both pb Chinese bighead carp and Juliens golden price carp as well as Mekong catfish, wallago attu, rohu and Asian redtail.
The guides has a go as usual on the quiet days catching a number of awesome fish that included Mekong catfish, Chinese bighead carp, Juliens golden price carp, Siamese carp, alligator gar, Chao Phraya catfish, elephant ear gourami, black ear catfish, rohu and many more...
Dols Van Eijk was enjoying his fishing that much he extended his stay catching a wide variety of species that included alligator gar, rohu, Juliens golden price carp, black shark minnow, wallago attu, Siamese carp, rohu, tambaqui, striped catfish as well as some chunky Amazon and Thai redtails.
Mr Punch aka John Harvey took a couple of days break away from Castaway Fishing Park in Pattaya and as usual bagged up on rohu on waggler fished punched bread, as well as breaking his Mekong catfish pb twice, and catching a rare albino rohu a first for him.
Another return angler Jon McGrath dropped by and was well happy with a pb Arapaima and a vundu catfish which was a new species for him.
Lee Dunkerley popped over from Vietnam with his wife to spend the long weekend fishing with us, and was over joyed with his catches of a pb Mekong catfish, new species in the form of black shark minnow and Juliens golden price carp, pb Amazon redtail and rohu.
Donald McMillan's fishing mate Danny Lee had a good first session at Palm Tree catching some nice fish that included Mekong catfish, striped catfish, catfish shark, Chao Phraya catfish as well as both Asian and Amazon redtail.
Japanese angler Kazushi Uda and his partner had an enjoyable day successfully catching Siamese carp, Mekong catfish, striped catfish, Amazon redtail and catfish shark.
Johan Lindstrom was grinning from ear to ear with his catches of wallago attu, Siamese carp and striped catfish.


Japanese angler Mitchie and his fishing buddy were all smiles with their catches of Mekong catfish, Siamese carp, and rohu and vowed to return soon.
Kitty Lang and her partner seemed pleased with their catches of Mekong catfish and a rare elephant ear gourami that originates form Cambodia.
Simon Lim only managed to fit in a half day session but seemed more than happy with his Amazon redtail.