Palm Tree Lagoon - Latest Customer Catches November 2019


  Archived Catch Reports:

John McIntyre returned and what a return it was joining the Palm Tree Lagoon 400lb Arapaima Club and then maybe catching an even better trophy fish in the shape of a new lake record Salween catfish. He also landed alligator gar, rohu, tambaqui and more...
What a wonderful session for first time visitor James Freeman joining the Palm Tree Lagoon BIG Catfish Club on his first day with a truly monstrous Mekong catfish. He then went on to land the often difficult to catch giant snakehead as well as a stunning Chinese silver carp, Siamese carp, chao phraya catfish, striped catfish, black shark minnow, as well as both Asian and Amazon redtail.
It was a great first visit for John White catching some huge fish that include a Palm Tree BIG Catfish Club qualifying Mekong catfish, and Siamese carp to over the ton mark, and a vundu catfish a new species for him. He also caught striped catfish and more..
It was another awesome visit for Mr Punch aka John Harvey landing the biggest fish in the lake after a knee trembling battle that went on for just over an hour. Unfortunately, the camera shy arapaiama leapt for freedom as it was lifted for a photo. He also caught striped catfish, spotted featherback, Mekong catfish, wallago attu, mollycot and more...
It was another great session for regular Oliver Jack catching some splendid fish that included several new species namely catla carp, giant snakehead and motoro stingray. He also landed a pb alligator gar as well as pacu, chao phraya catfish, Mekong catfish, striped catfish, wallago attu, leopard catfish, rohu, as well as both Asian and Amazon redtail.
Regular Palm Tree angler Andy Harman managed to squeeze another trip in catching some great fish as always that included some stunning black shark minnow, a rare albino striped catfish, tambaqui, the 'Friendly Mekong', alligator gtar, bearded labeo, Amazon redtail and more...
Oliver Jack enjoyed a successful three day session at IT Monsters Lake catching a large number of his target species chao phraya catfish a long with a number of others like Siamese carp, Juliens golden price carp, Amazon redtail, soldier river barb, rohu, big-Y catfish, tambaqui, common carp, pacu and alligator gar.
Simon Skelton seemed well pleased with his catches that included some nice specimens of Siamese carp, tambaqui and alligator gar. He also landed vundu catfish, striped catfish, leopard catfish as well as both Amazon and Asian redtail.
Matt Hughes and his fishing mate had an enjoyable fist visit to Palm Tree catching a number of splendid fish that included Juliens golden price carp, chao phraya catfish, Siamese carp, Mekong catfish, striped catfish, rohu, and both Amazon and Asian redtail.
Nick Ashcroft previous biggest fish was a mackerel of about a pound, well it wasn't long before he smashed that pb as he landed the 'Friendly One' after a two hour tussle gaining membership of the Palm tree Lagoon BIG Catfish Club in the process. He also caught wallago attu, alligator gar, pacu, striped catfish, yellow catfish, rohu, catfish shark, as well as both Asian and Amazon redtail.
Andy Harman accompanied Namwan to IT Monster Lake for the first time catching a plethora of different species that included chao phraya catfish, pacu, common carp, Amazon redtail, Siamese carp, Asian redtail, marble goby, Juliens golden price carp, Smiths barb, catla carp, Thai mahseer, Java barb, soldier river barb, and alligator gar.
The ever cheerful Caine Hayes was all smiles with his catches of Siamese carp, tambaqui, the 'Friendly Mekong' that earned him a Palm tree Lagoon BIG Catfish Club t-shirt, Juliens golden price carp, striped catfish, as well as both Amazon and Asian redtail.
The guides had a dabble as well during the month landing a wide variety of fish that included the likes of motoro stingray, wallago attu, Siamese carp, Mekong catfish, leopard catfish, Chinese silver carp, striped catfish, chao phraya catfish, Amazon redtail and much more...
Anthony Heron was another angler who caught the 'Friendly Mekong' on his first visit, as well as some awesome black shark minnow, alligator gar and rohu.
Pete Emmerson returned and had a very enjoyable session topped off by landing a monstrous Mekong catfish that catapulted him straight into the Palm Tree Lagoon BIG Catfish Club. He also caught Siamese carp, giant gourami, and more...
It was a relatively quiet visit this time for Palm Tree regular Tim Coakley but he did manage to land a few nice fish that included rohu, yellow catfish, spotted featherback as well as both Asian and Amazon redtail.
Tim and Namwan had a good session at IT Monster lake catching a wide variety of species that included golden belly barb, chao phraya catfish, Juliens golden price carp, common carp, golden tinfoil barb, Amazon redtail, Siamese carp, Smiths barb, rohu, Soldier river barb and a species we don't know the English name for.
Returning angler Arto Heino had another good session catching some great fish that included some very chunky Amazon redtails, as well as Siamese carp, African walking catfish, and Chinese silver carp.
Another regular Chris Campbell was back catching Siamese carp, catfish shark, striped catfish as well as both Amazon and Asian redtail.
Palm Tree regular Ian Barton caught a number of Mekong catfish, catfish shark, and striped catfish, in addition to both Amazon and Asian catfish.
Colin Mangles enjoyed his inaugural visit vowing to return again next year after landing catfish shark, pacu, striped catfish, as well as both Asian and Amazon redtail.
First time visitor Mark Kingsley was another angler that also caught the 'Friendly Mekong' as well as another chunky Mekong catfish and Amazon redtail.
First time visitor Chris Askew was all smiles with his catches on an albino bighead carp and Thai redtailed catfish.
Japanese angler Norio and his family were back for another session landing the 'Friendly Mekong' as well as crystal eyed catfish, Thai redtail and striped catfish, 
Alex Gardham who had previously never fished in Thailand or ever caught a big fish opened up his account with the 'Friendly Mekong', he also caught several other fish including Thai redtail.
Dutch anglers Robert and Mariska seemed well pleased with their catches of Mekong catfish, striped catfish, wallago attu, yellow catfish and Amazon redtail.
Karl McIntyre was very unlucky hooking the warrior but unfortunately the hook pulled after about 20 minutes. He did catch a nice short bodied Juliens golden price carp though.
Tony Matthews returned after a long absence catching a pb Amazon redtail, a vundu catfish a new species for him. as well as wallago attu.
A couple of guys whose named I didn't catch, who were travelling around Thailand visiting all the fishing venues dropped in  for a quick session catching both Amazon and Asian redtails.