Palm Tree Lagoon - Latest Customer Catches November 2018


  Archived Catch Reports:

Leigh Knott was another who made his annual pilgrimage to Palm Tree netting himself two more Palm Tree Lagoon BIG Fish Club t-shirts, catching a right belter of a Siamese carp and the 'Friendly Mekong' after a lengthy and arduous tussle. He also landed some other stunning specimens such as catla carp, tambaqui, black shark minnow, pacu, striped catfish, bearded labeo, crystal eyed catfish, rohu, as well as both Amazon and Asian redtail and more...
Pat Lowe made his yearly trip to Palm Tree this month with the highlight being breaking the Salween rita catfish lake record. In addition to this awesome catch he landed a number of other superb fish like Siamese carp, Juliens golden price carp, chao phraya catfish, black shark minnow, Mekong catfish, as well as both Asian and Amazon redtail and more...
Ian Barton was back for the second visit of the year and the question is; is there a new Mr Mekong in town as he caught three different BIG Catfish Club qualifying Mekongs, the biggest one weighing in at 410lb after three very lengthy battles. But he didn't stop there, despite his aching arms and went on to catch a very impressive Chinese bighead carp, rohu, wallago attu, giant featherback, Siamese carp, big-Y catfish and both Asian and Amazon redtails and more...
Palm Tree regular Dave Byott returned for another session adding three more Palm Tree Lagoon BIG Fish Club t-shirts to his collection that included two more 300lb Catfish ones and a 150lb Chao Phraya one his first in that category. He also caught a pb alligator gar and an albino chao phraya a new species for him as well as clown featherback, Siamese carp, pacu, mrigal, rohu, striped catfish, as well as both Amazon and Asian redtail.
Dave Creighton had a more than awesome session, first he caught two giant snakehead in the same day after no one had caught one since November last year. Then he followed that up with a Palm Tree BIG Chao Phraya Club t-shirt qualifier, and finished off by catching two fish we had never seen before firstly, an albino mollycot and secondly a rohu with an albino spot on it's nose. He also caught pacu, Juliens golden price carp, rohu, striped catfish, Amazon redtail and more...
Eric Schofield was really after carp which didn't want to play the game but he did catch an awesome Salween catfish the first to be caught since July last year, as well as wallago attu and big-Y catfish.
Pete Emmerson had a great first session at Palm Tree culminating with the capture of 120lb+ Siamese carp. In addition to this he landed a number of other stunning species like tambaqui, Mekong catfish, alligator gar, striped catfish, and both Amazon and Asian redtail.
Ste Markland and Anthony has some great catches that included the likes of catla carp, black shark minnow, Juliens golden price carp, leopard catfish, Chinese bighead carp, Mekong catfish, Siamese carp, chao phraya catfish, Amazon redtail and more...
Aaron Markland (aka 006) returned this time with fishing buddy Levi Walsh who had not fished at Palm Tree before. Aaron wasted no time in collecting two more BIG Catfish Club t-shirts with Mekongs of 410lb and 320lb both of which only succumbed after lengthy battles. Between them they also went onto catch some awesome alligator gar, Siamese carp, striped catfish, big-Y catfish, leopard catfish, as well as both Amazon and Thai redtail.
The ever smiling Garry Redhead was back and was soon into the thick of thing with a two hour plus tussle with the 'Friendly Mekong'. He also caught vundu catfish, wallago attu, spotted featherback, clown featherback, rohu, chao phraya catfish, alligator gar as well as both Amazon and Asian redtail.
Garry Redheads brought his fishing mates Dave and Ben down for their first session at Palm Tree and between them they had a number of great catches that included catla carp, an awesome albino striped catfish, black shark minnow, rohu, yellow catfish, alligator gar, Mekong catfish, tambaqui, wallago attu, mrigal, big-Y catfish, vundu catfish, leopard catfish as well as both Amazon and Asian redtail.
Brett Simmons, Eric Schofield, Dave Creighton, and Chris Baxter went down to IT Monster Lake for the day with Tim and had a good day catching soldier river barb, chao phraya catfish, alligator gar, pacu, Amazon redtail and striped catfish.
Dutch anglers Jan Gorrebeeck and his fishing buddy had a great time finally catching the elusive Juliens golden price carp as well as some good sized Mekong catfish, striped catfish, rohu, Siamese carp, pacu, as well as both Amazon and Asian redatil.
John McIntyre was all smiles with his catches of alligator gar, black shark minnow, rohu, the 'Friendly One', leopard catfish, chao phraya catfish, striped catfish, and both Amazon and Asian redtail.
A great time was had by Lee Dicker on his inaugural trip to Palm Tree catching a wide variety of species that included black shark minnow, bearded labeo, Mekong catfish, striped catfish, Siamese carp, alligator gar, catfish shark, as well as both Amazon and Asian redtail. He also celebrated his fiftieth birthday with a surprise cake.
Mark Billington enjoyed his first visit to Palm Tree one of the species that was top of his bucket list was a wallago attu which he ticked off on his first day. He then went onto catch a superb leopard catfish as well as rohu, striped catfish, both Amazon and Asian redtail and the 'Friendly Mekong' which also qualified him as a member of the Palm Tree Lagoon BIG Catfish Club.
Tim McIntyre returned for another session catching striped catfish, Mekong catfish and both Asian and Amazon redtail.
Chris Baxter (Copper) returned after a three year absence and was soon back in the swing of thing catching some stunning tambaqui as well as catla carp, wallago attu, rohu, the 'Friendly One' and more....
Ste Markland and Anthony tried a change of scenery and fished IT Monster Lake. They caught a number of fish that included chao phraya catfish, pacu, motoro stingray, alligator gar, as well as both Amazon and Thai redtail.
Christophe Siodmak returned this time landing a stunning Chinese bighead carp as well as Siamese carp and both Asian and Amazon redtail.
 Carl Blanckley and a fishing mate came up for the day catching striped catfish, Amazon redtail and the 'Friendly Mekong'.
The carp were not really in a feeding mood for regular Brett Simmons. However, he did manage to catch a Siamese carp in the end as well as getting a good workout with the ever4 hungry 'Friendly Mekong'.
Martyn Staley returned catching a big-Y catfish and a leopard catfish and at one point appeared to walk on water.
It was a slow day for David Brown but he did manage to catch an ice Thai redtail.