Palm Tree Lagoon - Latest Customer Catches September 2015


  Archived Catch Reports:

Frequent customer Richard Clarke was back and had an awesome time breaking two pb's firstly with a 78kg Siamese carp and then in torrential rain a 9kg+ giant snakehead a lake record.In addition he also caught Mekong catfish, tambaqui and Amazon redtail.
Harald Klein and his son Daniel and his friend Christian returned to Palm Tree barely a month after their last visit. Daniel and Christian caught four Siamese carp between them with Daniel at age 11 becoming the youngest member of the Palm Tree 150lb Carp Club. They also caught Juliens golden price carp, black shark minnow, chao phraya and Amazon redtail.
Two huge Mekoings in two days for Barry Dodds, more than awesome, one of them being over the 300lb mark qualifying him as a member of the ever growing Palm Tree Lagoon 300lb Catfish Club. In addition to this he also caught a rare bearded labeo (only 2 in the lake) yellow catfish, another rare fish a Chinese black carp, and a seldom caught Chinese silver carp. He also caught tambaqui, Siamese carp and Amazon redtails.
Fish Siam customer Ryan Jackson certainly caught some of the rarer Palm Tree species during his visit, firstly with an awesome vundu catfish and secondly with a rare vulture catfish. He also caught some other great fish such as striped catfish, Siamese carp, giant snakehead and Amazon redtail.
Tommy from Denmark made his first visit to Palm Tree during the month and successfully caught some cracking fish that included a Siamese carp that qualified him for the Palm Tree 150lb Carp club, as well as catfish shark, Mekong catfish, striped catfish, chao phraya and a number of Amazon redtails.
Singapore John returned to Palm Tree with some more customers who had a great time catching some impressive fish that included a stunning tiger catfish, yellow catfish, giant featherback, alligator gar, mekong catfish and lots of Amazon redtails.
Ian and Barry returned to Palm Tree and caught some great fish despite the periods of heavy rain. The pick of the fish was a Chine bighead carp a first for Barry, Ian caught his biggest catfish to date a big-y, they also caught giant gourami, leopard catfish and Amazon redtails.
Tim went down to John Wilson's private lake in Chumphon with Sue and nong Pla. They were impressed by the beautifully landscaped grounds surrounding the lake.They has a great time receiving some excellent hospitality form John and his brother Dave, and ate some awesome food cooked by Dave's wife Boon. They also caught a number of nice fish that included leopard catfish, Siamese carp, Java barb, chao phraya and Amazon redtails.
Bob Bowen caught some awesome fish the highlight of which was a rarely caught Chinese silver carp, as well as leopard catfish, a beautifully coloured yellow catfish, black ear catfish, some strikingly coloured tambaqui, and lots of Amazon redtails.
Matt Bowen also returned during the month and caught some stunning catches like big-Y catfish, Mekong catfish, alligator gar, black ear catfish as well as both Asian and Amazon redtailed catfish.
Tap from Bangkok Fishing Guide Service was also down with a customer during the month who caught a stunning black shark minnow as well as a good sized Mekong and Amazon redtails.
Oliver Curtiss was also a first time visitor to Palm Tree during the month. He had a variety of great catches that included tambaqui, African walking catfish, Siamese carp, Mekong catfish as well as a number of Amazon redtails.
Barry Gregory came down with a couple of customers and had a variety of fish that included a stunning mrigal. Barry also played a monster carp for over two hours before loosing it. They also caught more mrigal, wallago attu, java barb, mollycot, tambaqui, catfish shark, alligator gar and Amazon redtail.
Sam Carter and Joe Loveridge returned after a two year absence and caught a number of nice fish that included Mekong catfish, crystal eyed catfish, black shark minnow, striped catfish and a number of Amazon redtails.