Palm Tree Lagoon - Latest Customer Catches April 2019


  Archived Catch Reports:

It was yet another great visit for the 'winners are grinners Palm Tree regular Nick Peat ably helped by his 'Good Luck Charm' guide Om. After establishing his reputation as the NEW Mr Mekong with a haul of 5 more BIG Catfish Club t-shirt qualifying Mekong Catfish; he went on to catch a wide variety of other impressive species like ripsaw catfish, both Chinese bighead and silver carp, Salween rita, mrigal, alligator gar, striped catfish, catfish shark, big-Y catfish, as well as both Asian and Amazon redtail.
The ever cheerful Roy Redhead was back and it wasn't long before he was adding another BIG Fish Club t-shirt to his tally after landing an awesome Siamese carp after a fifty minute battle. The smiles continued as he went on to catch rohu, a pb alligator gar, wallago attu, leopard catfish, chaop hraya catfish a new species for him as well as both Asian and Amazon redtail and more...
Palm Tree regular Ian Barton returned and again caught a myriad of different species topped off by a Salween rita. He also caught a pb Mekong catfish as well as the 'Friendly Mekong; to pick up a couple of Palm Tree Lagoon BIG Catfish Club t-shirts. In addition to this he caught a pb Siamese carp of a 100lb+, a stunning leopard catfish, chao phraya catfish, pacu, alligator gar, as well as both Asian and Amazon redtail and more...
Luke Turner accompanied his brother Dean for his first trip to Thailand and had a truly memorable session catching the 'Friendly Mekong' and a t-shirter Siamese carp on his very first day. He then went on to catch another 100lb+ Siamese carp as well as chao phraya catfish, vundu catfish, rohu, striped snakehead, wallago attu, and Asian redtail.
07DolfVanEijk 1-21-17
09PaulYoeman Ryan18-05
10 MarkCardoe 8+11-10
12Rex Heithersay17-06
13JohnathanScolar 8-10-08
Alex Hants came up to Palm Tree with his son who caught a splendid Juliens golden price carp as well as Amazon redtail.
Matt Byrne came up with his son and successfully caught Mekong catfish, yellow catfish and Amazon redtail.
Eddie Brook popped in with some mates and were all smiles with their catches of Mekong catfish, and striped catfish.
First timer Rob Elsom caught Mekong catfish as well as both Amazon and Asian redtail.
Sam Hepburn and his fishing mate came down on a last minute decision and were happy with their catches of Mekong catfish and yellow catfish.
It was a tough couple of days for Palm Tree regular Kelly Reed but he still managed to catch a couple of Mekong catfish.