Guided Fishing Holidays in Thailand for Giant Freshwater Stingray Fishing on the Mae Klong River

The guided fishing holidays in Thailand for Giant Freshwater Stingray Fishing on the Mae Klong River standard package is suitable for one to five anglers includes, transfers from Palm Tree Lagoon to the Mae Klong River, all fishing tackle, all bait, guides, the use of one main boat and two support boats, bottled water and coffee.The main boat is used for fighting the fish see photos below and the two smaller support boats are use to put out the baited lines usually in two different locations along the river.Excluded from the price are soft drinks and beer.

There is also an option of an extended package which can cater for up to five anglers, which includes an additional main boat and one additional support boat.

We fish at several locations on the Mae Klong River depending on the tides:
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The package includes transfer from Palm Tree Lagoon to the Mae Klong River, all tackle, around 10-15 baited lines, all bait, a team of 6-7 guides, 1 main boat for fighting the fish plus 2 support boats for baiting the lines, tea or coffee:
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Guided Fishing Holidays in Thailand for Giant Freshwater Stingray Fishing on the Mae Klong River:

Giant freshwater stingray fishing on the Mae Klong River in Ratchaburi province provides you with the opportunity to fish for the largest freshwater fish species on the planet. These huge fish are regularly caught to over 600lbs taking up to nine gruelling hours to land, with the largest specimens known exceeding 1000lb. We fish the tidal stretches of the river with the exact location on the day depending upon the tides.

Generally we fish upstream near the Amphawa floating market on the change of a high tide and downstream close to the river mouth for the change of a low tide.

We use either African walking catfish, striped snakehead or marble goby for bait hooked onto a 9/0 or 10/0 circle hook tied to a 300lb leader attached to a large weight (a 600ml water bottle filled with concrete). The main line is 200lb or 250lb nylon wound onto big game multiplier reels that can exert a drag force up to 45kg or 100lb, so as you can see some serious kit.. We have two classes of rods a 100lb class one for the smaller stingray and a 150lb class one for the monsters.

A stingray finally comes to the surfaceThe net is lifted and the catch is madeTe barbs are taped for safety

The lower reaches of the Mae Klong near the river mouth fished on the low tide change.

A stingray coming to the net which is pushed out on two long bamboo poles and raised up under the fish. The stingray is then pulled into the side of the boat and the barb (can be 1 to 3 of these) is taped up for safety (NOT removed). The tape is then removed upon release of the fish.

A mighty battleFinally the battle is wonSafely in the new
Giant Freshwater Stingray Fishing Action Gallery

A few km's upstream near the Amphawa Floating Market fished on the high tide change.

This area is more picturesque and the river is narrower and lined with palms and mangroves. Photos above depict the end of a 3 hour battle as Benny finally overcomes her adversary and lands her a new pb 400lb+ stingray.

John Wilson baits his hook with a catfish

John Wilson battles a defiant stingrayJohn Wilson prevails victorious
John Wilson Giant Freshwater Stingray Fishing Gallery

John Wilson fishing with Tim in Area 41 adjacent to the Amphawa Floating Market

The legendary John Wilson recently caught his biggest fish ever out of the Mae Klong a 420 lb Giant Freshwater Stingray. Photos above show him baiting the hook with an African walking catfish and battling the the River Monster.

Giant Freshwater Stingray Catches:

Currently the catch rate for stingray is around 90% on a given day with the success rate of catching a 100lb+ stingray being around 80%. Pictured below are some of the catches so for for 2015. The licence is for a maximum of three stingray per day but we often catch four as we regularly get another hook up whilst playing the third one for the day.

James FoxTim with a 400lb+ StingrayJames Fox
Peter MckeeverAndrew WakefieldTim with a 600lb+ Stingray
TimMickey PalmerEddie Crouch
Tim with another 500lb plus StingrayJohn Wilson with a 420lber his biggest fish everCopper with a 500lber
Giant Freshwater Stingray Catch Photos Gallery

Giant Freshwater Stingray Fishing Holidays in Thailand Package Prices & Itinerary:

Below are the guided fishing holidays in Thailand for Giant Freshwater Stingray on Mae Klong River at Amphawa package prices for a days Giant Freshwater Stingray fishing on the Mae Klong River. We conduct guided fishing everyday of the year and the fishing is good all the year round.

The package prices listed below are total costs NOT cost per angler.


The prices are inclusive of all transfers from Palm Tree Lagoon / Ratchaburi Hotel to the Mae Klong river and return, all tackle, all bait, guides, tea and coffee. But does not include any other drinks.

Palm Tree Lagoon Customer

Stingray Package Cost

Number of 


Package Option

1 Day

Stingray Fishing

2 Days

Stingray Fishing

1THB 14,000THB 28,000
2THB 14,000THB 28,000
3THB 14,000THB 28,000
4THB 22,000*THB 44,000*
5THB 22,000*THB 44,000*
*we can not do a standard package four angler option as we cannot get four anglers into the main stingray boat; but we do offer an extended package which includes an additional main boat and one additional support boat.

Giant Freshwater Stingray Fishing Holidays in Thailand Guides:

Some of are main stingray team members are pictured below:

Saart is the team leader and always does his utmost to ensure you have the best chance of catching on any given day. His extensive knowledge of the river ensures that the baits will be put into the most likely areas to contain feeding stingray for the river conditions on any particular day.

Paat is a very experience boatman this is of the utmost importance as when playing a big stingray (which can take up to 9 hours) the boat needs very skilful and precise positioning to be able to pull up and successfully land one of the giants, especially when there is a fast current flowing or strong winds.

Nui is one of English speaking guides who is there to co-ordinate the day, do the transfers from Palm Tree Lagoon / your Hotel to the river and answer any questions or adhere to any requests you may have.

Saart - Team LeaderPaat - Head BoatmanNui - English Speaking Guide
 Saart - Team LeaderPaat - Head BoatmanNui - English Speaking Guide

Support Teams:

There are two support teams consisting of four other team member in two smaller boats who keep the lines baited and clear of debris floating down the river. They are also responsible for watching the floats for bites and tying the hooked stingray lines onto the rod on the master boat, and assisting the angler in landing his/her River Monster.

Back Breaking Action:

If you are lucky enough to hook into one of the monster 500lb+ stingrays expect to be in a world of pain for at least a couple of hours. The stingray are very good at laying in the mud and using there vast surface area to suck down onto it. If you persist and keep pulling hard enough eventually you will peel it off the bottom and hopefully keep enough pressure on it to stop it from diving back to the bottom and sucking back down on the mud leaving you back at square one.
Andrew WakefieldEddie CrouchMickey Palmer
BennyTimAdam James
Eric SchofieldChris (Copper)John Wilson


There is some nice scenery along the river which is dotted regularly along it's length with temples, and lined with large areas of palms and mangroves. There are also a lot of large ocean going fishing vessels especially in the lower stretches of the river. Other traffic on the river includes floating coffee shops, and lots of tourist sight seeing boats. There are also some huge monitor lizards to to seen often measuring more than 2 metres in length.
Fishing BoatTempleCoffee Boat
TempleRiver TrafficTemple
Stingray Fishing on the Mae Klong River Scenery Gallery

Other Species:

There are a number of other species that can be caught in the river including bull sharks that can exceed 100lbs, sea catfish that can grow up to 20lbs and some huge river prawns.
Bull SharkGiant River PrawnSea Catfish
Giant River PrawnBull SharkBull Shark
Mae Klong River Other Species Gallery


Sometimes we are accompanied by Dr Nantarika Chansue (Dr Ning) who carries our research on the Giant Freshwater Stingray on behalf of the Chulalongkorn University and the Department of Fisheries..The photos below show Dr Ning taking measurements and venom samples from the sting a stingray caught by Tim. The stingray was then micro-chipped and released. Important research like this should ensure the survival of the species for generations to come.
Dr Ning and her research teamDr Ning recording the stingrays measurementsDr Ning taking a sample on the stingray's venom
Dr Ning and her research team.Dr Ning recording the stingrays measurementsDr Ning taking a sample on the stingray's venom
Mae Klong River Stingray Research Gallery

Giant Freshwater Stingray Fishing Holidays in Thailand on the Bang Tabun Estuary:

We are currently also looking at a second location for our Giant Freshwater Stingray guided fishing holidays in Thailand which is the next river estuary along from the Mae Klong namely the Bank Tabun river for future trips.
A 400lb+ stingray safely in the landing netA very happy James with one of his stingray600lb+ Giant Freshwater Stingray
Stingray Fishing in the Bang Taban Estuary Gallery